UFO Sightings Must See Footage January 24th 2017

Pakalert January 24, 2017 3

UFO Sightings Must See Footage January twenty fourth 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO January twenty third 2017 . UFO Sightings above targeted visitors. This is a crazy UFO sighting the object looks to fly above a freeway system. The supply was a employee functioning on top rated of this building and noticed the UFO. He then filmed it with his mobile telephone camera. The building they are on looks to have numerous camera on it. The only query with this UFO is none of the targeted visitors see the object. It did not make any sounds and was high up in the air. This UFO sighting is up in the air.
Archived UFO footage arrives to us from Wisconsin Could 1982. Great footage the object looks to have numerous parts and could be an historic Aztec product of some form. The vast is not vast display as it is older UFO footage. Evidence favourable on this UFO Sightings.
The up coming UFO footage arrives to us from inside a plane on February 2016. It looks to be the identical UFO as the final video. Great footage. Once once again it looks to have numerous parts to it. The UFO is relocating quickly and built no sounds.
The up coming is also archived UFO footage from Michigan 2016. It was taken at the mall and it looks to be the identical UFO. This time the UFO looks to have some sort of cloaking device on it. Crystal clear footage on this UFO sighting the only trouble is that the UFO is cloaked and is providing a ton of distortion.
Next up we have some UFO footage from a parking ton. The UFO looks to be relocating little by little and does not make any sounds. It seems like the parking ton of a Concentrate on. The supply pulled the car or truck above and started out filming. He had his pet dog with him and the pet dog was not threatened by the UFO. Great UFO footage on this a single and we are heading to have to say evidence favourable.
Our remaining UFO sighting arrives to us from Florida the everglades January twenty third 2017. The supply are some wildlife staff functioning on the python difficulty in the everglades. They were out tagging or trapping snakes when they noticed this UFO just fly by. They pulled out the mobile telephone and started out filming. The supply reported the UFO built a lower pitched humming sounds but it receives drowned out by the seem of the bugs and animals. This is fantastic UFO footage and we are heading to have to say evidence favourable.
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  1. Gail Howes January 25, 2017 at 5:41 am - Reply

    The shadowing of the first segment is off, to me not real. A little better farther away but a dirty ? Energy field or what ever.I really don't know. The circular one is very interesting as it maneuvers with in it self.

  2. Berns South African January 25, 2017 at 2:30 am - Reply

    wow awesomeness

  3. Raquel Alfonso January 25, 2017 at 12:20 am - Reply


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