UFO – The Aliens, Closer than We Think – Discovery Channel (Full Documentary)


UFO – The Aliens, Closer than We Think – Discovery Channel (Full Documentary)


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  1. Rip Itupish says:

    Aliens made me come here first….

  2. bmx ando says:

    what a load of bullshit nasa bought to you by hollywood

  3. Donald Fry says:

    This is, quite possibly, the "great deception" that Jesus talked about in Matthew 24. Knowingly, or unknowingly, you are setting yourself and others up to be deceived.

  4. people need to be fully awake to see the whole truth. truth is, shattered into millions pieces and mixed with all other people value added for manipulation and control of human farming. reality UFO is real, holographic images were shown and appear on the sky and the surface is genuine, redesigned alien tec that are from the past is real and it exists and is found, and technology from IgE civilizations by other humanoid forms before our race of humanoids and from my personal information collection we Erden fifth humanoid race that has existed through the earth's age, and we humans have made contact with some alien races and have exchanged some form of technology with some of the alien. you must correlate and filter information in all forms and subjects to get closer to sanheten and being shaken and awakened. it is unfortunately so much layers of manipulation and lies that you have to see it as an ocean and you have to swim through and see flske and come up to see what is reality. the reality of who you are and where you are and what is to exist means and not mins to see everything. the whole Earth is unfortunately only a few know the formula to absolutely everything. thanks to those who are awakened and awakens others from illusions :)

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