UFO Theme – Barry Gray


“Action music” was Barry Gray’s center title. In reality, the cops always laughed at him when they pulled him above and looked at his license. But he was laughing all the way to the bank with innumerable “get-your-blood-pumping” theme music for a amount of demonstrates, primarily by Gerry Anderson. This is my private fave, the theme to ‘UFO’.


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  1. Why do I always feel like spidey on the freeway, listening to this? YEAH! WOO-HOOO!!

  2. Grew up watching each new Jerry Anderson project, from Supercar onwards. By the time UFO hit the screen with its purple haired women on Moonbase, I'd gone through puberty. …Let's just say I never missed an episode!
    Wonderful theme and opening visuals. I appreciate the posting. Thanks.

  3. ….what a shame all that NASA stuff turned out to be total PIFFLE!!

  4. brian wheway says:

    i want this as my ring tone on my phone!!!

  5. ewerybody says:

    WHOW!! How awesome!! 😀

  6. Doesn't this intro sound like a James Bond movie intro like gold finger or you Only Live Twice you know double double 007

  7. SID always reminds me of the Iron Chicken…

  8. tobit100 says:

    Barry Gray could always compose a great theme! 

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