Ufo’s And Aliens Contact 2012 (Full Documentary)



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  1. No it's true I just did a search!

    You sad little prick who has to troll people because they don't like your videos?!?

    What a loser and I can see you have been trolling loads of people because they know your video is shit too.

    bye troll, sad little boy. have fun trolling people.

  2. It is it's content what matters not the length of someone reply. And those of yours only consisted of insults. I have nothing to say about that really. Oh and I am a girl. So you have to get more creative with those men jokes of yours. They don't apply to me. Are you able to leave me alone and behave ? Or have I gotten to much in your skin. Time will tell.

  3. Pointing others out to there misunderstandings is not trolling. Oh and indeed, this is totally mine video, you got it all figured out sherlock.

  4. Repeating a lie doesn't make it true. – Pointing others out to there misunderstandings is not trolling. I will continue this. So every-time you demand me to stop. I have to laugh really. – Anymore insults you want to share ?

  5. You are such an embarrassment to yourself. Continue what you want but what would the hyper-dimensional anal probers think of your behavior?

  6. yes but you couldn't answer the question because you know that believing in hyper dimensional anal probing aliens makes you look like a fool.

  7. Thank you very much for this…yes…thank you very very much….

  8. tyclone32 says:

    All it takes is some gooffy sounding narration to ruin a good documentry.Where's Bill Curtis when you need him.

  9. Greg Allen says:

    This is the best documentary on this phenomena that I have seen and answered the questions I had after talking to a half-dozen abductees. I myself have seen UFOs on nine occasions here in Northern Nevada, both by day and at night, and have been able to photograph them on four occasions. The narrations really diminishes the overall quality however, though that is merely a cosmetic flaw. Thank you for making this available.

  10. Nanbopally says:

    Dolan : "Alains, Y U DO DIS?"

  11. Nanbopally says:

    Here is a bigger question than all this. "They say".???Who is they? It is not the government because the narrator says "the government says 'they say …'"? It is not the people, each time you take a point from some group there is a dominant "They". THAT is the propaganda. It leaves a blank hole in your mind to fill it with the "bad guy" , and usually the government. Which lets people feel "smart" or "apart" of something bigger that "they" are apart of.

  12. Nanbopally says:

    26:38 hahaha that is 1st world probleme lady used in memes…know your memes, you are all being trolled

  13. Nanbopally says:

    We catch em and cut em up. They catch us and cut em up. I see no problem here.

  14. Nanbopally says:

    The bible calls this appraoch to aliens as Demons. IT says they have many faces, can take any form, can speak with a voice like water, etc etc. They are the invisible rulers of this world while god (and jesus) are on the return to get rid of em and share technology and eternal life. It is all in the bible. Even if you are not religous, just take a bible and read it like a sci fi book. It is gnarllyyy

  15. Nanbopally says:

    42:54 hippie guitars laying about…that is not gonna help your hippie druggy babble woman

  16. Nanbopally says:

    Narrator sounds indian. I wonder what his mother thinks of this XD

  17. Diogo Afonso says:

    C'mon, this is far fetched all the way…
    Couldn't these kind of documentaries be, for once, not biased?

  18. Laurie Ann says:

    Let me get this straight, and no I am not judging you or saying you are wrong. You believe the bible, something you have FAITH in. But here we have SCIENCE that believe just as firmly with proof to back it.

    Well I believe in FAITH. I believe in God. But I also believe in science. I am a realist. If you want to close your eyes to reality, thats on you. But I think your wrong in attacking others this way. Just sayin….

  19. Freezencrash says:

    The problem with this piece is that, although informative, it assumes that 'the aliens' are just one group….they're all bad or they're all good…..really?

  20. Kevin Mac says:

    Who knows any names of movies used in this documentary?

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