UFOs And The Bible – Full Documentary


A documentary that covers ancient art from BC forward indicating ancient alien-like contact. Includes modern day sightings. There are many theories about the …


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  1. William Wynn says:

    This is kind of odd you mention Noah and say he was perfect in his generations. And then most of these shows act like they don't have a clue as to what it means. You can follow his seed line all the back to Adam. In other words race. Kind after his own kind.
    You mentioned Genesis 3:15.
    Where it talks about a hatred between the seed of the woman and the seed of the man for all times.
    This is the beginning of the literal off spring of Lucifer. Which is also called the seed of the woman. This is his children The devil , Lucifer , Serpent , the great dragon, seed line. In John 8:44 -47 Jesus himself tells you himself who these people are. And it's the same people who own
    98% of all the media in the USA. News papers, TV, radio shows ect… Satan's children own Hollywood and they will tell you that themselves.

  2. I agree and whoever takes the high ground first i.e. the religious sects which embraces UFOs within its tenets will dominate when the reality of the situation becomes know to the population. I'm amazed these guys were so blind to what I realized at the age of 11.

  3. Michael Birk says:

    How do I contact the publisher of this video (uploader)? I've clicked on the subscription tab. I want to get the credits from the documentary itself (production, music credits, etc.).

  4. Why in the world would you want to screw up an absolutely excellent documentary with that God awful background music at worse yet at a volume level as loud or even louder in places than the dialogue.  Why?

  5. A study of the following references will reveal that these “clouds” spoken of throughout the Bible, like at Rev 1, Matt 24:30, etc., are not the white fluffy kind, but something akin to our concept of UFOs:  Exodus 13:21-22, 14:19 & 24, 16-10, 19:18-19, 20:18 & 24-25, 24:18, 33:9-10, 34:5, 40:34-38; Numbers 9:16-22, 10:11, 34; Deuteronomy 1:33, 4:11, 5:22.

  6. Passionheart says:

    The one true God doesn't need technology.

  7. I wake up from my sleep to the sound of typing. clickity clickity click.

  8. Starting off by LYING is bad. Christianity has only ONE GOD. The one that CREATED EVERYTHING in 6 LITERAL DAYS about 6000 years ago.

  9. If you really believe the Bible, take it seriously. There is a firmament above the earth separating the water from the water. The earth is flat. Prove it is round using math and science, you can't. NASA was originated with NAZI scientists, it is ALL a lie. All CGI. Hollywood is all mind control. Don't believe anything you see on a TV, check the science.

  10. John Mejia says:

    The Bible says, "many will come claiming to come in my name, wolves in sheeps clothing ".
    Agendas have created therories to confound and confuse you.
    Not to say that other "life" my exsist elsewhere.
    However, It is not GOD'S intention that you be confused about your faith.
    Yes GOD created All things in the heavens and the earth. God can create life on the north pole, south pole, heavens and earth. Not just locally but throughout the universe. God is Not limited.
    There is most definately an agenda to wipe away GOD from our hearts and minds. If these things you hear here, cause you to doubt Gods exsistance or Authority and Power, you must break away from these things and thinking and focus on Your Salvation and relationship with God and the Gift,His Son, Jesus. This is to be Your primary focus and Center for balance and values.
    concentrate on these things first.
    Ask for Gods discernment in these matters when it is time. But for now, this is a stumbling block and hindrance to your faith and well being.
    Demonic forces will use this to sway your solid faith, thus "sheeps in wolves clothing". Do you understand ?

  11. Joey Feep says:

    "We are God, as only We can create the idea of His existence in our Holy Brains" Domingo de Santa Clara

  12. Joey Feep says:

    wow….. awful lot of disinformation here….. referring to the bible as if it anything that mythology and elaborate superstitious nonsense is a very, very grave error…….

  13. 021Sweden says:

    how old is this ? it look like something from the 80s

  14. Zardoz 144 says:

    God created the Heavens and then the earth. they were here before us.jesus died for man not alien.they are parasites to this universe they dont only mess with DNA they are trying to punch holes in God's matrix.

  15. stop the non sense.

  16. Look at these god damn Christians trying to turn the tables to their benefit, AGAIN.

  17. This is the context,they were not the christains you see, born again types. The context is superior races being inturpited as a god.

  18. WRQ Nine says:

    Though I don't, for myself, find a clear path to sacred truth within the tales of the alien phenomena I believe it is of a level of import as to garner comment in that context. I gave a thumb up to this video not because I am a Christian, per se, more because they acknowledge the specific entanglements without coming to judgement. I believe the evil one furtively misrepresented the true Messiah long ago, and for reasons only God can know, is only being detected now. Subtle editing by proprietorial right reflects the soul of inequity as the naked branch reflects the fate of a fallen leaf.

  19. hi
    welcome !
    American Native Indians call Great Spirit to COME…now the Motherships COME..ha

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