UFOs Sucking Up Water From Oceans Around The Globe! 1/23/17


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29 Responses

  1. I've seen like that, from cebu to bohol at the ocean ,but I can't catch it on cam because it's too far.

  2. tbsfreak says:

    It's just God taking a piss in our ocean. Move along…..

  3. Foerunner 07 says:

    its just a waterspout

  4. 9:33 – WoW Legion Portal Demonic Witch Water Hunter :D

  5. What doesn't make sense is why don't they siphon water in the middle of the ocean where they aren't seen?

  6. Suti Bufi says:

    Maybe an other player in No man's sky :D

  7. its no UFO, its Tornado in the sea

  8. muhahaha we got the water, lets get outta here

  9. the Chedoman says:

    Tornados are made by aliens to suck up all our water

  10. TostieBoy says:

    you people that believe this… go check your eyes please HAHA birds are aliens O NOOOO

  11. watch out mulisms aliens are comeing to get you or could the flying donkey hahaha

  12. notice how they zoom in. then the object comes in so you cant determine dististance. hoak..

  13. that is a rock thrown into frame… so sad

  14. King Kas says:

    can some please explain why any images shown of aliens its always blurred?

  15. Lisaxaphona says:

    Ingo Swanns (from CIA/STARGATE Project) book describes being brought to Alaska in 1977 and seeing a ship "materialize" out of nowhere, then grow exponentially large as it sucked up water, and nearly got killed by laser beams. "They detect heat, noise, motion like mad."

    "And then, there it was. Somewhat transparent at first, but in the next second, as if fading-up out of nowhere, there IT WAS!

    "I thought it would be something like a flying saucer. No chance of a saucer here. Because IT was triangular.

    "I could see the WATER OF THE LAKE SURGING UPWARD—like a waterfall going upward, as if being sucked into the "machine!"

  16. Anthony Odey says:

    it's a waterspout not a ufo sucking up water. lol common people. that's all it is.

  17. Since it has wings i believe that it is a pterodactyl :)

  18. CFC 312 says:

    it happend in my town (TENES) ! it's in ALGERIA !

  19. Russ Mills says:

    Tyler, I love your vids man, but this is crazy. that is typical waterspout action right there. I'm a weather nut, and have seen many waterspouts and tornadoes, some in person, and this is nothing out of the ordinary.

  20. Maddy Ny says:

    What is lying at this coordinates -77.306407, 167.642916 ? why google blurred it?

  21. lion lover says:

    whu worry about sea level rising

  22. that was not spinning it was flapping?

  23. I'm not trying to say you should do a video on this but this will be a good video the reason why some UFOs take water from this planet is because they use the water as fuel to fuel up the ship the one person on earth that solved how to use water as fuel got killed for knowing to much

  24. Tyler I was watching Destination America and they did a short piece about some type of craft (?) taking something from the sun then flying off. Have you done a story on this?

  25. it's a water spout dumby

  26. Brick Top says:

    It's obvious an offshore tornado ? you give crazy explanations to anything that you don't understand.

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