Ukraine Swine Flu Fatalities Jump to 827 – 100,000 New Cases in One Day


3,905,542 Infected

225,925 Hospitalized

827 Dead

The above update is from the Ukraine Ministry of Health.  The 24h increases included 22 more deaths and over100,000 new cases.  Much of the activity is in the eastern half of the country, with the biggest increases in cases, 6,563 to 343,583, and deaths 5 to 113 in Donetsk.  However, Kiev had a large increase in cases , 4,945 to 327,003 and deaths, 3 to 40), and there were another 4,355 new cases in the surrounding Kiev oblast (see updated map)..

Media reports have described a deteriorating situation in Donetsk, with severe cases and fatalities in doctors and health care workers.  Yesterday’s report had an increase of 8 fatalities in Donetsk, and today’s total of 113 is well ahead of Lviv, which has 102 fatalities and had been the highest oblast prior to yesterday.

New sequences from Russia, Turkey, and Sweden highlight changes at position 225 and early sequences from Ukraine had D225G or D225N in all fatal cases.  These same changes have now been reported in fatal cases in Russia, which continues to raise concerns that such sequences may become more widespread.

Release of additional sequences from fatal cases in Ukraine, including multiple samples from collections from different tissues would be useful.

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