UN: Contraceptives and Depopulation Will Save the Global Economy $5.7 Billion


Susanne Posel

According to the UN Population Fund (UNPF) Annual Report, family planning (i.e. population control) is a human right and therefore under jurisdiction of the UN to be dispensed throughout the world. Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, director if the UNPF explains: “Family planning has a positive multiplier effect on development. Not only does the ability for a couple to choose when and how many children to have help lift nations out of poverty, but it is also one of the most effective means of empowering women. Women who use contraception are generally healthier, better educated, more empowered in their households and communities and more economically productive. Women’s increased labor-force participation boosts nations’ economies.”

By declaring that legal, cultural and financial “barriers” are impeding on women’s rights by keeping contraceptives and designated family planning programs from being accessed by women on a global scale. The UN has taken upon themselves to impose this eugenics agenda under the cover of a “fundamental human right” and seek to preserve that right above independent sovereign nation’s laws.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asserts that contraceptives need to be accessed by teenage girls (or younger) to prevent “unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions and sexually transmitted infections.” Ban says that: “Sixteen million adolescent girls become mothers every year, and every day, more than 2,000 young people contract HIV. We have a collective responsibility to drive these numbers down.”

Ban stated that the international community must take this challenge to provide abortion services and contraceptives to children because “we cannot ignore the facts. Many young people are sexually active . . . they may face risks to their health, including sexual violence.”

The UNPF report stated that by 2020, 3 million fewer babies would be born if their efforts to control pregnancies through contraceptives were successful. As outlined in the UN Millennium Development Goal 5, access to contraceptive supplies must be utilized to prevent all “unwanted pregnancies”. The Global Program to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security document reveals the UN’s plan to coerce sovereign governments to “ensure access to a reliable supply of contraceptives, condoms, medicine and equipment for family planning, prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and maternal health.”

In 2011, the UN announced that “family planning, secured by a steady supply of contraceptives, is a national priority for saving women’s lives.”

Population stabilization, the true meaning behind family planning is evident in the World Bank and UN Population Fund’s push against sovereign nations to reduce their populations by rule of the “global consensus” which dictates human rights policy by deeming some fit to live and others not.

Based on the Rockefeller Commission report, population stabilization is an endeavor worth pursuing, although its success would take decades because of the high incidents of reproduction by marriage. However, with the destruction of the family, this problem could be solved. Furthermore, the stabilization of the global population would reallocate resources to be better spent in terms of quality versus quantity.

Concluding that the best way to achieve population stabilization is to coerce the nation’s citizens that they freely choose abortion and not having a child at all as part of an acceptable societal norm. By way of implementation of social barrier and cultural pressures, the average citizen would rather go with the flow and chose not to procreate for the sake of being part of the herd.

Simultaneously, by reforming the acceptable amount of children born into a married household, the impact of population growth would seem to be natural. And trends would take care of social conformity. Those who had more children would be shunned.

Increasing access to abortion clinics with the inception and popularity of Planned Parenthood would give unacceptable pregnancies a viable solution. This would distract and control another Baby Boom from occurring.

Using images on television, film and print media control the ideals of the modern family to fit the model of a population stabilized by no longer being plagued with “run-a-way” births; but focusing on the example of small-families as the best way to go.

The UNPF report also states that over population has a drastically negative cost to the world’s economy – evidenced in the %5.7 billion that could be saved should less people be alive to necessitate the costs of living; as well as the significant drop in poverty levels and need for medical care. Therefore by providing the 222 million women around the world with contraceptive services, there would be less babies being born after a generation or two; wherein significant population reduction would be obvious.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported recently that 2011 had the lowest birth rates on record. Across the board, infiltrating all races in the US, fewer children are being born. Since 2007, 4.3 million Americans have had fewer babies; either due to the economy or social credo.

To ensure a drastic reduction in pregnancies, the UNPF must raise $4.1 billion annually to provide contraceptives to every woman in developing nations to stabilize their populations.

In the 1970’s the UK, World Bank and the US combined efforts to organize a mass sterilization campaign which used foreign “aid” to fund their efforts.

Champion eugenicist Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, believes she can prevent 40% of people who would otherwise have been born, there by justifying family planning as a scheme to make women healthier who have “families are more successful and their communities are more prosperous.”


In classifying pregnancies manifesting uncontrollably in under-developed nations as “unwanted” Gates is focusing on eventually eliminating this number to reduce the world’s population. Africa, a big focus for the BMGF is being targeted along with Muslim nations.

Gates has partnered with drug corporations like Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals in China to develop implantable fertility controls that will be used in over 20 developing countries to curb population growth.

Pharmaceutical giant Merck announced in a formal statement that they will donate $25 million over an 8 year period as a “Merck for Mothers” campaign in line with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation depopulation agenda. Both Merck and Gates have outlined a plan that focuses on 3 “key areas”:

  • Using propaganda in the mainstream media to gain public support for reducing the world’s population
  • Employ drug and private-sector corporations to ensure “family planning” resources can be utilized in under-developed nations
  • Coerce governments, corporations and “civil society” to support the social meme of over-population and the BMGF remedies for quelling this problem

Nearly 20 years ago, the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) declared that universal education, reduction of infant births, protection of maternal mortality as an excuse to sterilize millions of women, and purveying “family planning” as a cover for preventing the most densely populated areas from continuing to freely procreate were the most effective course of action to ensure the depopulation agenda was successful.

Now the ICPD Beyond 2014 offers a “global consensus on the human populations” as a policy to guide reproduction under the guidelines of social progress and environmental sustainability because “human beings are at the center of development.”


The ICPD’s plan of action admonishes the cooperation of governments to support BMGF family planning schemes in relation to “protecting the environment” from over-growth of human population.

The Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, working with the World Health Organization (WHO) is a global plan to bring vaccines, international interventions and financing to the UN for the purpose of:

  • Controlling access to healthcare in under-developed nations
  • Use pre-determined drug corporations to treat third world nations so that they are no longer allowed to freely procreate
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of depopulation in these areas

Susanne Posel’s Website is Occupy Corporatism.

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