UN is leading the NWO in 2015 – EBOLA , ISIS , WW3 , martial law , the State Police , Agenda 21 …


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  1. What is happening NOW???????????/ Where is the document that was signed at the meeting and can we read it? I'm trying to find out what it really going on.

  2. Austyn Z says:

    The UN should be built up and made the strongest government in the world. I believe in a socialist system that works and is efficient, I think the UN is our best chance.

  3. Agenda 21 – is now Agenda 23

  4. Lisa Pike says:

    Please watch, how long are we going to take this! 

  5. adam green says:

    are there any other countries other than america that make these videos.

  6. marlonlim165 says:

    U.N. let the Iraqi people/children suffer O__O 1:15:06

  7. Do you understand that the people of this country are so blind that they think we are crazy and that this country would never do anything to harm it's people. I have talked with people on the street and they know nothing of what I am speaking about as to NWO, they say what is that. People do not pay any attention as to what goes on in this country until it is to late. We are losing the attention of the people of this country and it seems that we have to prove it before they will believe it. There seems like nothing we can do. Are we doomed?

  8. AFter 9/11 When John Kerry and G.W. Bush were questioned by the media about Skull and Bones, and 322 I was still asleep and had no idea what the heck they were talking about. Since then I've done much research, and I pretty much know what they are about. Jesus Christ is going to punish these wicked humans, and it isn't going to be pretty. Tyranny is a disease.

  9. You guys are retarded, its the truth. There will be NO New World Order. There will be NO world-wide martial law. You people are on some weird shit. All y'all need to go watch Ayy Lmao and clear your god damn minds.

  10. There New World Order will crumble! WE ARE WAKING UP!

  11. Raici Hernan says:

    please!! remember!!!
    when this thing explodes, we need to stay together.
    UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. they want us killing eachother and not trusting no one. that's what they teach us in all the end of civilization shows/movies.
    We do need to get rid of the elite.

  12. They got to Fresno Bob. He's gone.

  13. lol remember Ebola..

  14. Fator urbano says:

    Lembrando a todos que toda a nova ordem mundial será eliminada e varrida da existência,e seu líder será destruído com um assopro

  15. You  protect your own Freewill {a} by protecting the Freewill of others. Just as energy follows the path of least resistance in time, the asymmetry of the weak force that holds the fine structure in balance with time dilation follows the path of greatest increase. E=m{a}c2 adds the observer's weight and shows consciousness has Mass and there are no dice. And that shows Freewill is the outcome of the other 4 forces and creates a 5th force connected to Life as real as the other 4. The great physicist Wolfgang Pauli saw this connected to the Fine Structure Constant and that's why he worked with Carl Jung on it.

    It's hard to see because of the scale and complexity of phase related information frame contradictions of symmetry supporting the process… but at no time does this basic law of physics ever fail for that would be impossible. Land owners felt greed and lost their Freewill it seemed so the rail roads that powered progress could go though but do the math and you see Freewill being increased overall in support of all points of observation… and when it comes to time that's all Nature cares about where the last point is the most important piece of time to get right.

    Nature is not known in the real world to be gentle when it comes to birth and this generally applies to growth as well so look close at what you are putting out as that shows what you will be getting back in your own small box of space where the longer it takes the greater the amplification will be due to the "dark matter effect", an illusion of mathematics created by the accelerated expansion of space in a  harmonic octave level structure just as John Newlands showed the elements exist in.

    Credit goes to SLAC's E158 team and SLAC's BaBar team funded by the US DOE to go back over their BaBar experiment and confirm the asymmetry in time giving the discovery a sigma 14 level of certainty leaving CERN in the dust. Now why is that Mark? Or should I call you the good doctor… LOL  BTW That's what it (Karma) looks like… and if I wanted to rub it in and add some salt I'd ask him how his road is doing.

  16. Fire, Inc. says:

    I will die for my religion. I know I'm safe. I'm not giving in.

  17. theovtv says:

    this video assists the illuminati in stopping equality.. and human rights.. the gov. have their own agendas also but working with the un myself.. i know the validity in the UN intentions.. to fo09reclose the current corrupt fed reserve and truely provide not only the solutions butthe funding also for the ppl to rise up and unite .. their is no evil intentions of the UN payments 1-11 rollout that i am aware of.. please dont spread misinformation

  18. When you realize the United Nations was created by the U.S and allies to provide peace around the world…lmfao smh

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