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The Flat Earth model is a belief that the Earth’s shape is a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures have had conceptions of a flat Earth, including Greece. It was also …


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  1. Bob Marley says:

    Personally I take a more cerebral approach to things… I think we might
    be living in a virtual world like some kind of massive computer system.
    Maybe that is what the Universe is… a massive computer system that
    processes matter data.  

    Consider the following: Light is known to be both a wave and a particle.
    The oddness occurs when one measures the light packet because doing so
    changes its behavior. This is called collapsing the wave. Quantum
    physics scientists tend to take some kind of an egocentric position and
    say the power of their minds observing things changes the matter. I
    would rather think that the wave becomes a particle when the Universe
    detects that the job has to be finished.  This implies that this world
    we live in has some kind of intelligence to it.

    Flat Earth? This is lame. Even if this is a virtual world running on an
    alien’s laptop you people aren’t even looking at all the parameters
    correctly.  You think we live on a flapjack under a dome under a heat lamp on a
    mobile track light system?  These theories are not even good enough for a
    crappy video game.  If you want to create a pseudo-religion for low IQ
    slope head crazies you are hitting your goal. Otherwise you might want
    to kick it up a notch.

    You people think you are so cool and edgy and shit. The reality of Quantum Physics is way more insane than anything you people can dream up. You want your mind blown? Drop some acid and study yo' azz up on some physics beeeyatches!

  2. Wow…. I feel dumber

  3. The idea of a dome does not prove the earth his flat. Let's say IF such a thing exists due to some physics no one is wanting to admit to, it could very well be a sphere within a "sphere".

    Please explain night and day and seasons, no one has done this yet. Why I wonder. Oh wait, I got it!!

    I am not sure current GPS would work as it does. It's co-ordinates are based on a spherical model. A volumetric sphere that is, not a 2D sphere.

  4. Funny, I just found a flight from Johannesburg South Africa to Perth Australia and it takes only 9 Hours non stop!!. So there goes that theory of yours.

  5. so the real questions i'm seeing here,
    how does one get the CIA to pay you to post this crap?
    seriously i need a job..

  6. If the Earth is flat, what's on the other side?
    If the Earth is covered with a dome, explain meteors.
    The Flat Earth theory is absurd.

  7. You had me very interested until the heat generators part. Why bother simulating a volcanic eruption? just NEVER have one in the first place, would never be an issue.

  8. cosmoSpacely says:

    does your mommy know you are on the internet. None of the things you say are true. you just cant stand that you lack any real understanding of cosmology so you just run your mouth and keep talking and talking, hoping if you say lots of words, you may eventually get lucky and get something right or people will believe you. Your stupid ideas are like a 4 year olds description of his interpretion. You immediately dismiss anything you dont comprehend. Go back to nursery school and pay attention this time.

  9. Kanus King says:

    everyone got something smart to say but I believe until we step outside of the earth no-one can be really sure how the earth is setup no one has a full 360 degree view of the earth where you could make sense of things I personally got my own conclusions of what the earth is and why it is here simply put we are the prayers of god or his special abilities

  10. Kanus King says:

    we are gods magical powers

  11. Kanus King says:

    we appear to have bodies but we are nothing but spirits and this spirits are gods powers and special abilities like Superman bathman etc have

  12. Ecarlo Singh says:

    Not because you have a dome up your ass it means that domes are everywhere…

    You need to be locked up and studied so that we can prevent others from becoming schooled assholes or cure those who, like yourself, are already fucked up.

  13. Ecarlo Singh says:

    Every jackass has the right to speak..and to be ridiculed afterwards…

    But you are such a sad pathetic fucktard that I'd have to forgive your hopping madness…

  14. Weiki Weiki says:

    So they spend trillions keeping the secret but let some asshole do a YouTube video and Fuk up everything? Yeah buddy OK

  15. zxn6869 says:

    nicely done but if this is true then our creater are sick people

  16. Jakub says:

    Great fun, you guys are real comedians, keep it up!

  17. But we can see the moon with our eyes at night how could it be a man made image?

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