Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Syria, and around the World


In which John Green discusses the Syrian refugee crisis and the growing number of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Eritrea crossing the sea with the help …


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  1. So many of these comments make me incredibly sad.

  2. This video made me love you even more, John

  3. You really love smashing words like 'racist' and 'xenophobe' to people in Europe with LEGITIMATE concerns about the huge influx of migrants (yes, migrants for a large part, about 40%) do you? Come take a look here in the muslim communities in Europe you asshole. See how well they have integrated in our society (very poorly). Please stop focusing too much on international law and instead please look more at the reality. I know you mean well but for fuck sake listen to yourself.

    I know many muslims myself, and a few are my friends. So I (and with me many many others) get a little tired of being labeled a 'racist xenophobe' by people like you. Absolutely disgraceful

  4. James Klukas says:

    the real issue is not underfunding,rather it's over population…if these people choose to overpopulated, let them accept the consequences! producing people without allowance for consequence places the blame for the "crisis" rests firmly in the hands of the refugees. yes, it's NOT our problem…your phoney empathy does not silence the voice of sovereignty; fix your country,protect it from In vasion! the world is full,that is reality!!!!

  5. I live in europe and i agree

  6. Every life is precious. Civilizations rise and fall. They are a dime a dozen in the large scheme of things. Individuals are priceless. They live and then are gone forever. When an individual dies an entire universe goes with them. When this death is needless, a sin has been committed greater than any the world has known. Every life is precious, even the inconvenient ones. I refuse to count bodies. That is all.

  7. Weed Wizard says:

    Hungary is one of the only countries not bending over to get fucked by Muhammad and has been for centuries. Stay based Hungary.

  8. These negga is stupid. 1) Based on your video, you lack information from the other side. You suppose to look at it from both sides and then make a statement.

  9. Abavs Tangi says:

    What about children who been dying of starvation and war in Darfur.they don't even have proper tents.

  10. negro domis says:

    Wow, vlogbrothers is exceptional.  This is my second presentation.  Excellent presentations.

  11. k wood says:

    JG, What you don't understand, is a LOT.

  12. mihael gelo says:

    Really, John? You,re gonna blame Assad's government for the chaos in Syria? and you're saying he was the one who used chemical weapons ? Are you sure about that…you should get your facts checked… Honestly, that argument you gave about the "brutality" of the regime sounds like you get your mindset shaped by the western media…I thought you were better than that.

  13. I agree fully. I know people have concerns about immigrants, but I think these concerns are a ploy of propaganda, and when discussed go away;
    1. 'They're Muslims'
    Okay, so it is true that most terrorists are Muslim, especially in the modern age. However, Muslims have been living in European countries for decades, and there is a substantial amount of evidence which shows that education and religiosity are negatively correlated, regardless of which religion is practised or believed. In the end, you have a country with lots of moderate faith people of different faiths. There is nothing wrong with that, and it's diversity and challenge to our own views should be welcomed.
    2. But they have so many kids!
    again, we have data on families from Muslim countries who integrate into the society; there is a strong negative correlation between education and birth rates, this is true of all countries. The least educated countries have the highest birth rates on average.
    I could go on but I have no spa

  14. what the hell, people? "savages" "animals"? its ironically disgusting how many of you would put an entire religion or race under you because of some video or article is top-full of propaganda. I've seen those videos. I've also seen videos like this one. Rapists will be rapists. Point your anger at them. But what's the point of fighting against the innocent, the people who take so much crap every day of their lives, only to be forced out of their country, and then take more crap from people who they've done NOTHING to? I'm sure we've all been blamed for someone else's actions. But this is taking it to the next level.

  15. tom a says:

    ou're full of shit mate thumbs dwn

  16. Why don't you let some stay at your house John?

  17. Alpha Bears says:

    Its funny how you put the blame on the Syrian regime for the responsibility of the refugee crisis. Yet, the free Syrian army and other "rebels" supported by Turkey, USA, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries have been know in committing many if not more atrocities than the Regime. In my opinion, despite the fact that yes, Assad and his regime are responsible for the conflict by firing on a peaceful protest, the rebels and Free Syrian Army are as much as fault in the Syrian Regime Crisis than Assad and his Regime. Also, you forget that there is also ISIS that controls many parts of Syria and that they should be also responsible for the crisis. This is only my opinion.

  18. Alpha Bears says:

    I would like to also point out that if you have a dictator, then you should be able to at least comprehend of what will happen if you protest. You will get shot and there are no dispute in that. That is what dictators do and Assad and others are great testimonials of such. So pointing a finger directly at Assad despite the fact that he is a dictator without looking at other factors is not the way to go. As I've previously noted below, arming the anti-Assad Regime did not help a bit but might have infused the conflict even more. So in a way the US, Turkey, and any other countries that participated by given weapons and equipment to the Free Syrian Regime and to the rebels are as much as fault than Assad and his regime for the whole conflict and for the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

  19. None of these people are refugees, even the Syrians, because they are specifically seeking to go to Western Europe.
    A refugee is a person fleeing war, a migrant is a person seeking opportunities. Syrian's have a lot of closer nations to seek shelter in, but they don't want just shelter, they want hand outs

  20. John, thank you so much for explaining all that's going on in Syria and the Middle East! I really enjoy your way of being very clear and honest about these very important things.
    And what the boy said, that the war needs to be stopped, is an idea we met quite often when we went to Lebanon in September and talked to various Lebanese and Syrian People. And I guess we need to understand, as you said, that this is a war and a crisis that affects all of us as humans. So thank you again for phrasing this so well!

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