Understanding Zionist new world order: My perspective

Dr. Anisa Abd el Fattah

As the NWO continues in its goal toward the establishment of a one world government, individuals might be asking what is so wrong with having one govt that would rule the whole world.

Understanding Zionist new world order My perspective

Some might even imagine that under the rule of one world government, there would be no wars because there would be no tribalism or nationalism and no interest except those defined by the government which would have to be equal and fair in nature if there is to be social order resulting from cooperation with the global scheme.

There are even some Muslims who are warming up to the idea, thinking that it prepares the world for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi [12th Shiite Imam,PBUH], by uniting the world under a single authority that they believe will be replaced later by a monotheist government.

There are other Muslims warming up to the idea simply because they…feel that they are better off currying favor and vying for positions within the inner circles of the one world government conspirators and they lend their power and resources to the Zionist NWO, completely rejecting the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, or way of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Without going into too much detail, it is easy to show that all of these above mentioned ideas about the NWO, or Zionist one world government are wrong. We are not looking at a model for egalitarian governance where all men and women are seen as equal and with inalienable rights.

We are not looking at an economic scheme that is based upon ideas such as shared prosperity, fair wages, safe work environments and worker’s rights.

What is in store for the world, should we not succeed in our efforts against global Zionism and stop it in its tracks, is a world where global corporations and banks rule and where we the people are little more than slaves.

How do we know this? Just look at what the NWO is doing and what is happening in the world as global Zionist rule takes shape.

It’s clear that the primary interest of the NWO is economic. Its social perspective is shaped solely by its need for quiet as it initiates its transition period. This is why we have the militarization of law enforcement in most countries and also the common training, uniforms, equipment, etc.

It no longer matters if  a country is rich or poor, the police get Tasers, black uniforms and all of the equipment needed to put down any type of mass dissent, including rubber bullets, live ammo and  urban tanks.

Laws throughout the world are being changed to prohibit protests or to control them by caging in protesters and even attacking protesters and shutting down protests with violence and brutality.

Laws are being passed that prohibit criticism of sacred cows like Zionism, war, occupations, poverty, monarchies, presidents and those traitors who open up their countries to NWO control.

If a country demands independence and sovereignty, it is subjected to regime change which is carried out through proxy militias made up mostly of mercenaries who destroy, kill and ruin countries as punishment for their rebellion.

Anyone who thinks this situation gets better once the one world government comes into power is a fool. Governments never give up power and a one world government has no reason to either give up power, or share power with anyone.

Since most of us probably agree that the real purpose of a one world government is to consolidate corporate power in the hands of a few people who will for all intent and purpose rule the world, let’s focus on their economics.

It seems that their primary interests will be to see that corporations have slave labor and big profits. To put it simply, they want absolute power and all of the money and they want everyone else to do all of the work.

They also want wars. Contrary to the belief that a one world government can bring peace to the world, the reality is that the Zionist one world government is dependent upon perpetual war.

It must keep people and states at war with one another to prevent them from unifying against the authority’s abuses; its greed, brutality, racism, elitism, etc.

The greatest downfall of the Zionist global economic scheme in my opinion is the destruction of sovereign domestic economies and the enslavement of entire populations to the international banks through debt.

Sovereign governments can hardly compete in a global market place and also have a healthy domestic economy.

Private corporations can make tremendous amounts of profit in the global free market environment and when they do, they begin to focus almost exclusively on the international market and neglect the economies at home.

In many instances they refuse to invest at all in domestic economies because they have no competitive financial gains to make that might serve as an incentive to invest in their own countries.

Outsourcing of jobs destroyed the US economy, but not only because outsourcing took away jobs.  Cheap labor in the global marketplace along with governments that allow international corporations to operate with little or no regulatory restraints made manufacturing in the West unappealing to those who are only interested in the bottom line.

The numbers will never suggest that it is worth their time or effort to invest in domestic markets once they have tasted the huge profits from manufacturing overseas.

Transnational corporations that are headquartered in the US pay very little if any taxes and the government does not have the power or any wish to force them to pay their share of taxes for fear that the corporations will simply relocate taking hundreds of thousands of jobs with them.

Globalization does not only destroy sovereign borders, weaken sovereign authorities and co-opt standing armies, it also destroys domestic economies.  Anyone who thought that domestic economies would grow and create prosperity for anyone other than banks and corporations, using trickledown schemes was mistaken.

Global markets and economics are part of the Zionist world order scheme to break down domestic sovereignty of all kinds with the hope of transitioning failed states along with their failed economies into a single entity,   governed by a single Zionist government.

Outsourcing, as has been said by many, has been one of the primary causes of economic failure in the United States, but not only because outsourcing took jobs from the people and tax revenue from the US Treasury.

Outsourcing led to austerity and austerity is the death blow. With very little tax revenue to depend upon, governments must cut back if they are to operate efficiently.

Austerity supposedly saves money by cutting government spending. In reality austerity bleeds a country that is already dying, and accelerates its economic death.

As mentioned before, defunding essential safe guards against poverty and hunger, while decreasing public services is akin to a doctor removing vital organs from a patient that is dying from blood loss, under the idiotic illusion that because vital organs need blood to sustain life,   they must be removed to save the patient.

Austerity only makes sense when we accept that it is intended to accelerate the collapse of domestic economies and to incite social unrest.

While austerity is draining billions of dollars from economies, it also increases social stress and suffering of the populations who are adversely affected by austerity, namely the poor and unemployed.

Without doubt austerity will eventually lead to social unrest, chaos and the passage of laws that erode freedoms and allow increased government power.

In such situations, the people are left with only two choices, both of which serve the interests of the Zionists.  They either protest, creating disorder which leads by design to chaos, or they submit. The only way the people win is if the goal of the protests is to bring down the corporations and the banks, not the governments.

Such protests can succeed globally but only if the working people of the world unite and carry out protests that are coordinated and share a single message, that being to end corporate control and to shut down the international banking cartel.

It’s also important that we understand that globalization is not capitalism. In fact, it is much more like socialism. The only difference is that instead of governments owning and controlling everything, including all means of production, banks and corporations own and control everything.

Don’t be confused by the word profit, either. Yes, the banks and the corporations make profits, but they are not shared with the workers whose salaries are actually falling as corporate profits are increasing and domestic economies collapsing.

…[Unfortunately, many did not acknowledge] the intellectual and spiritual depth necessary to understand Pope Francis when he said that trickledown economics failed.  Pope Francis was accused of being a Marxist because he criticized trickledown economics, when in reality globalization and trickledown economics is more like Marxism than it is capitalism.

Wealth distribution by a benevolent rich class is no different than wealth distribution by a socialist government. You get what they want you to have no matter how much you invest in the mastery of your trade or energy you exert as you work.

What difference does it make if the money you get falls off the plate of the rich, or is handed out by the government? Neither is truly benevolent, each seeking its own interest while exploiting the talents and energies of others.

Keep in mind also that trickledown economics is not a new concept. It was practiced on plantations where the master would take the bulk of the profits even though he exerted no real energy nor had any real expertise in anything in comparison to the slaves.

Nevertheless, he ate high on the hog as the saying goes and his slaves ate what was left, or rather what trickled down from his plate to theirs which was almost nothing.  Like socialist governments, plantation owners also provided free housing and healthcare.

No matter how we look at it, globalization and the Zionist NWO are not viable solutions to the challenges facing the world. It is merely an economic scheme the aim of which is to enslave us and to empower corporations and banks, all in service to the rich.

If we are wise we will begin a global push back against this idea that is well organized and that shares a single purpose, that being to take the power back from the corrupt elite and return it to the people.

We need our intellectuals, economists and others to begin now to develop models for alternative governance and economy that suit the realities of the 21st century.

We must move intellectually and spiritually beyond the ideas of Spencer and Darwin. Ideas such as virtue in cold-blooded competition, survival of the fittest and natural selection.
These ideas are wrong and have brought nothing to humanity except pain and suffering, greed, genocide, corruption, elitism and racism.

The world is desperately in need of a new just and moral order and we are able to bring that about without any specific religious involvement, identification or compulsion.

To do so we must merely give up any hope or willingness to compromise with Zionism and the model for world governance it pursues and resolves ourselves to bring into being what had been residing in our hearts all along.

That is a system in which every human being is valued equally, is included–a society that has as its primary aim the creation of opportunities and incentives for the pursuit of real happiness or bliss and the fulfillment of and realization of our potential as human beings to be better beings.

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2 Responses

  1. First, let’s call it what it really is – The Jew World Order

    Now read and learn. If you don’t your just fooling yourself and deserve everything coming to you….

  2. levi says:

    This agenda is satanic and it’s goal is to rid the earth of men, mankind. The fallen realm wants all mankind gone. The new world order is not an agenda of men, its results do not include the survival of mankind. “No flesh would be save alive” is the agenda. The betrayers will be betrayed, Zionists ain’t making either, they will be just as dead as the rest of us. The criminal mind isn’t logical after a point and this new world order illogic is front and center for anyone to see. Scripture is condemning of searing our conscience and rejecting knowledge because we become “beasts whose end is destruction”. Scripture shows the solution has at least two areas of qualification for a stable government. Our leaders are to be “able men, men of truth, hating covetousness” and they are to “drive the wicked out from among us”.

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