Unidentified gunmen seize military post in Crimea


Unidentified gunmen have entered a Ukrainian missile defense post in the Crimea region, taking its control without a shot being fired.

The armed men reportedly drove a truck into the military post in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol on Friday and captured it.

Unidentified gunmen seize military post in Crimea

Some 20 militants, who invaded the military base, began negotiations with the Ukrainian commander of the airbase, which is believed to be host to around 100 Ukrainian troops.

Ukraine says the gunmen are Russian, but no report confirms the claim.

A Ukrainian official said he is mediating between the Ukrainian forces and the gunmen inside the post, adding that no arm has been seized.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Ukraine’s new authorities had imposed “absolutely illegitimate decisions on the eastern, southeastern and Crimea regions.”

“Russia cannot ignore calls for help in this matter and it acts accordingly in full compliance with the international law,” Putin stated.

The parliament of Crimea voted on Thursday to join Russia and will hold a referendum on March 16 to decide whether the region should become part of the Russian territory.

It voted 78 to 0 with eight abstentions in favor of holding the referendum and joining Russia.

Speaker of the Russian lower house of parliament Sergei Naryshkin said on Friday that the parliament would abide by the “historic choice” of the Crimean people in the referendum.

Naryshkin made the remarks at a meeting with a delegation of Crimean lawmakers, led by the region’s parliament speaker, Vladimir Konstantinov.

“We will respect the historic choice of the people of Crimea,” Naryshkin said, adding, “We support the free and democratic choice of the population of Crimea.”

Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the Russian upper house, also welcomed the prospect of Crimea joining Russia.

“Should the people of Crimea decide to join Russia in a referendum, we… will unquestionably back this choice,” Matviyenko stated.


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