Universe Documentary 2016 – The Deal of Human with UFO HD 720p



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  2. vj says:

    Thanks for upload

  3. What 's the fuck. I hate ufo. Many many ads

  4. John Kenedy says:

    I like UFO. I believe that UFO is real in our life:)

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  6. Aaron Bell says:

    water…….thats the answer….contact.for.pat.#

  7. Fox Mulder says:

    Well i know they are real. Fox Mulder.

  8. Fox Mulder says:

    It flies in its own antigravity Bubble It has no mass, Thus can stop from light speed with no harm to its pilots. With enough power you can make a Brick fly.

  9. Space lies trying to hide the fixed circle earth truth of the bible! Research fIat earth!

  10. banif sari says:

    fake documentary.these people wants to be faster then time ….

  11. I've never seen a flying saucer unlike those who have taken videos of UFO's with poorly focused or 1950's cameras . Most humans on the planet haven't seen one either but I guess it only takes one to spark an entire industry on the subject . Well maybe when they sell 75 million more I-Phones 30 million more Drones with 24 mega pixel digital zoom cameras , someone will capture a real life honest to goodness in focus not of this world spaceship or at least a Star Trek class one federation probe with inter-dimensional travel capabilities . I'd settle for just one little green man or 2.5 little green women because females are paid a lot less and not worth as much …

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