Unturned Modday: World War II Gunpack! 1v1’s w/ Qaswasred


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  1. Nikoz says:

    Do you got instagram?

  2. can I fight you guys I'm awesome at sniping and machine gunning

  3. any groups here that I can join I'm a scout sniper

  4. William Fann says:

    1st like view , and comment …… Suck it!!!!!!

  5. Nova Craft says:

    Perfect ending

  6. GoRideLP says:

    I there a kar98k as well?

  7. nolan ward says:

    That ending do

  8. Strykor1016 says:

    Boom, you said "The server has been modded to regerate health and not lose skills upon death" Nice english
    You fucking Degenerate

  9. Booms friend is like jerma

  10. MrFlashu2 says:

    Yey Monday Moddays are back! :D

  11. How do you add mods on unturned?????

  12. Last scene = best scene

  13. That last part though XDDD

  14. did he mean to put (regerate) health

  15. Wyh the f is a Makarov in a WW2 gunpack??

  16. Peter Alves says:

    that momment when you realiz.you forgot to reload

  17. TimmyDude says:

    besides the fact that u were playing unturned this video was entertaining

  18. last words? big boom:good bye Turn Dowm for What

  19. Lynta Etta says:

    how did WW2 had computers ?

  20. MeLikeBigBoom im banned in server world war pleaseeeee unban my name Max_Pro or abdelrhman_443 please please unban

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