Up Next: Illuminati Pictures Presents “Contagion”


by Zen Gardner

So the Illuminati “Warner” Bros want to light a little fire, do they. “Nothing like a good pandemic movie.”

This one has all the big names to make sure it rolls out big. And of course you just don’t do one of these without insider Laurence Fishburne–who you’ll see below makes the inane claim that the flu comes from……THE BIRDS!..AND YOU CAN’T STOP THEM!…

Just the trailer is enough to make you sick. As if the world doesn’t know enough fear and trauma, these bastards have to run a good old stand by freak out right up the media flagpole.

As usual, major misdirecting from the real truth of the matter as to who is morphing these man-made strains of viruses, as well as programming not just fear and the potential reality, but the subsequent system-dependence for “protection” as if the government or CDC ever gave a damn about anyone but themselves.

See “Contagion” Trailer below


I know. Maddening.

Hey, they’re just making a buck, right? Right. And it smacks of all that phony, gooey Hollywood “concern” these disaster movies always try to portray. Watch out, they’re playing on your most vulnerable and powerful aspect: your emotions.

It’s very hard to resist anything that appeals to your emotions. I’m convinced emotion rules over reason more often than not. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes it’s not. In a world free of manipulators, we could trust our emotions more easily. In our current paradigm we have to be very careful.

The Heart Chakra and Its Enemies

The beautiful thing is, with awareness and true knowledge things are much more discernible and you can much more easily trust your heart and listen to your heart chakra, and hence find real emotional truth. Call this intuition, call it consciousness. It’s there, and a wonderful comfort to know it’s always with you and reliable.

However, the mission of the controllers is to shut us down. Hence the fluoridated water to calcify our pineal glands, the chemtrails to also sedate us and toxify our nervous systems, our tainted and genetically modified foods, and then the outright debilitating toxic injections into humans under the guise of “flu prevention”.


They do love to “forecast their devices”.

So watch out, they don’t release movies like this one without a reason.


Stay spiritually alive and follow your heart. In spite of the strange times we live in, it’s a thrill to be here so celebrate it every day and share it with others. Talk to people. Do new things. Don’t conform to their taboos.

Tell the truth. That’s revolutionary.

Whatever you do, participate as your heart leads you to. Don’t say no to it, or the voice will go quiet. Follow it, and the voice and leadings grow stronger.

Try it and see. A wonderful world of synchronicity awaits. Just imagine if everyone made truly conscious decisions and followed their heart – wouldn’t that be a cool world? It’s there for the taking and starts with you and me.

Now. Have fun…follow life’s signs and don’t be attached to the outcome.

Love, Zen


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