Urgent! ANONYMOUS exposes ILLUMINATI’s PLAN and NEW WORLD ORDER schedulled for 2016 – pls share


All people of America need to see this! ** SHARE PLEASE! This is important** HELP USA! Please Share… share. MARTIAL LAW and FEMA CAMPS are coming …


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  1. Possible fema camps for refugees???

  2. Even if this "was" real there isn't anything you could do to Stop it.

  3. Linnie LW says:

    do something already save us

  4. gene gleeson says:

    hey please share and have hope?????????

  5. Illuminati down fall now…!!!?

  6. stu. house says:

    anonymous, stop with all the information we already know about, just give us results and heads on spikes.

  7. MsMcmoe says:

    Well giddy up anonymous—>

  8. Brent Tacina says:

    please help a family in need if you can https://fundly.com/m2/single-father-christ-disciple Jesus bless you all

  9. start doing something now. I've yet to see any action from you yet because it's been happening for 3 yrs or more. hard to believe anything you say is any more than hot air


  11. Why do you think America progressed so damn fast? Why area 51 is so damn fortified? Think, food for thought, everything is possible.

  12. I VOTE FOR ANONYMOUS 2016-3000.!!!!!!

  13. We are already half way through 2016…..my question when in 2016 is this supposed to go down?……If you are preparing us for this then tell us when!

  14. Lily R says:

    I hope so. We need people like u.

  15. Harry Maddox says:

    #We love anonymous you will save the world

  16. Anonymous keep up the work,there's alot of truth with what you speak,,?,,?,,are world has gone to hell,you make alot of sense

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