US Blue Flag starts in Israel, is the USA bluffing Iran?



Precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and takenIsaiah 28:13


Reading and writing English from left to right and Hebrew in the opposite way, makes one aware that more than one explanation is possible. The dogmatic tendencies of those plowing only in one way get tiresome. Don’t the US Air Force Command and Control commanders understand how conducting a Blue Flag exercise in Israel is perceived? Especially so in the day after an interim agreement between the P5+1, the USA among them, and Iran was signed. Or, did the USA intentionally broadcast intimidation and violence, showing that no matter what, it is never sincere, preaching freedom but implementing violence. Is the USA bluffing Iran?
Blue Flag exercise in UvdaUS Air Force Command and Control Blue Flag exercise in Uvda, Israel
Scarier than 1984

The Red Flag is Blue

NATO Conquers Uvda
NATO Conquers Uvda
Brave New World

Is any way of elucidating the truth? Was yesterday’s agreement a distraction in the way to a surprise NATO attack on Iran? Or is this an American attempt to calm down Israel, which is already speaking of an Armageddon war against Iran? Is Blue Flag an American red flag?

Seldom military exercises are advertised ahead of time. This time it was unavoidable. The flights will continue for three days and would be noticed by the population living south of Tel Aviv. To avoid panic the event was advertised.

Blue Flag is carried out this year in Uvda, a military airport about 80km north of the Red Sea, which provides also services to civilian aircraft, the remnant way to Eilat is done on the road. Around fifty fighters from the USA, Israel, Greece and Italy participate with the IAF Red Squadron playing the Blue Flag enemy. Poland was supposed to participate but cancelled due to budget-related issues. Observers from twenty countries, including Bulgaria and Cyprus will watch while sipping strong Turkish coffee.

Israel Air Force went further than disclosing the event. It also revealed that the level of cooperation between the armies is unprecedented, including sharing of flight data in real time. Points that would be checked are enemy-radar identification, and a range of anti-aerial systems used against the fighters. The IDF will drill seven squadrons, and an additional one will serve all participating armies as mock enemy.
Are Israel and the USA planning an Iranian Coffee?Are Israel and the USA planning an Iranian Coffee?
Sadly, fog of war hides the details of the cooking kettle

Moreover, diplomats were invited, including the American Ambassador Dan Shapiro, who declared “We [the USA?] are in a though neighborhood and thus need strong forces and good allies like Israel, Greece and Italy.” Supporting the analysis presented here, the Turkish military attaché in Tel Aviv, declined the invitation.

“Come on, are you the demagogue now? You know that such an activity takes months of planning. Nobody knew that an agreement would be signed yesterday,” this is an answer email that I want to avoid because the point is correct. The event was planned during an entire year.

“So this is an unhappy coincidence. Can we have a Greek coffee and celebrate peace?” This is also an email I want to avoid but because the point is incorrect.

Submarines and Ships

Major A. from the IAF, one of the participating pilots said “We are ready for every scenario, whether by ourselves or with the help of our friends.” Despite he not chewing a commando knife while uttering the words, he wasn’t friendly.

In parallel Hebrew media nicknamed “Silence of the Gulf” the lack of an answer to the agreement by the Persian Gulf Emirates, which in Israel are considered weak allies. Their silence is portrayed as treason. The Red Flag is BlueThe Red Flag is Blue

Spicing the cooking coffee are reactions arriving from Saudi Arabia, which yesterday was defined as Israel’s new best-friend. British Telegraph reported today, Nov. 25, that Nawaf Obaid, a senior advisor to the Saudi royal family, has accused its Western allies of deceiving Saudi Arabia during a think tank meeting in London.”[Saudi Arabia] will be there to stop them [Iran] wherever they are in Arab countries, we cannot accept Revolutionary Guards running round Homs,” he said. Hebrew media expanded “Saudi Arabia hinted that it will attack alone.”

This sounds pretty much as Netanyahu did yesterday. New best-friends Israel and Saudi Arabia are quite coordinated. It also reminds me that another striking piece of coordination accompanies Blue Flag.


Israeli Navy Ship and American Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
Israeli Nuclear Weapons Submarine and American Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert 

Israeli Navy Ship, Israeli Nuclear Weapons Submarine, and American Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations


The two pictures above show USA Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert in Israel on November 24. He visited the IDF Navy, boarded a nuclear-weapons carrying submarine and a ship. In contrast with Blue Flag, little was disclosed.

Major General Ram Rothberg, commander of the IDF Navy, said “the naval cooperation between Israel and the USA is a top priority.” Nothing else was disclosed. Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert and Major General RothbergAdmiral Jonathan W. Greenert and Major General Rothberg

Yes and no, no and yes, right to left, left to right, words matter little at this stage. One can claim that Blue Flag and the deal with Iran were lucky coincidences. Iranian generals will understand, laugh, and have another cup of tea. However, before the ink on the agreement was dry, America’s top admiral was allowed into an Israeli submarine capable of carrying nuclear weapons. This event could have been delayed easily, at least for the sake of creating an honest image of the USA.

“Here you fire. Here, please press this button, don’t worry the nuke is out,” were probably some of the words by Major General Rothberg undisclosed to the media. Coincidence? Sure!

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