United States is now provoking China , India in RUSSIA & WORLD WAR 3 Wake PEOPLE – use of torture by US – SUSPENSION DEMOCRACY . ..


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  1. Every one in Europe and america if you are sick of being manipulated stop driving your cars and cut off their money supply. Cut off credit card payments and mortgages also if needed. Stop giving them the money to do this through taxation. You are paying for the stripping of your rights and freedoms. Stop for you and your children.

  2. India is not mentioned in the video because we are peace loving people.
    Why people are trying to destroy soft image of my country.
    We don't want war. You b8tches can fight all you want but please don't drag my country's name in your pointless debate.

  3. Angad Sandhu says:

    Where was INDIA in this video 

  4. I'm saudi and i'm with us to fuck those indian scum 

  5. I think imma stay in England…

  6. u know wat remove the india cauz p.m. modi has make many countries are friends so america is also included so yea suck on tht bro

  7. SUMIT MITRA says:

    look in a senario of ww3 india has a very good chance of surviving why? we can defend ourself mostly and we donnot have military allies who can drag us to wars we have strategic relationships, if china is not in a war with india i am sure india will survive easily , bcz evn if in ww3 pakistan attacks ind and without china support india will survive even with low economy we will survive

  8. jaysan68 says:

    india has remain neutral since we never wanted war. India has not attacked any country in last 1000 years. Even thou russia wanted to make defence security pact align with russia, china and india.  India had rejected it. Russia is India best friend. Defence secruity pact  would only divide the gap between east and west. Since India is friendly with american allies and also russian allies world we see that india would be bridge to reduce the gap and misunderstanding between countries and move toward more peaceful world.

  9. both allies (usa+nato+japan-israel-s.koria) AND (russia-china-n.koria-iran) want india support on their side in ww3 as they know , as india will join any one side ,,,,,,the ww3 will become one sided ! so its only india being semi-moderate on both side due to which ww3 is still not starting !

  10. says:

    India, China & Russia will have to form a military alliance to counter west. NATO doesn't have balls to fight. They have never waged a war against a big nation.
    But I hope there is no WW3 or else God Bless us all.

  11. what a pathetic jerk, just to garner more views used name of India while not even mentioning it in video.

  12. chatrapati says:

    no, world war 3 wont happen. what happens is mild to moderate wars between slaves of superpowers such as india vs. pakistan, s.korea vs. n. korea. iran vs. iraq or kuwait.

    mean while US proxy israel keep on occupying arab nations, to expand their supremacy over gulf.

    the giants wont fight with each other. they are mastered in the game of provoking their slaves to fight with each other and reap the benifits.

  13. It is clearly explained in VEDAS. It clearly explains that world war is inevitable. but it is not like 1 and 2. Each person and country will take part in the war. Russia and China will not enter in the initial state. bus US may be on one side. Who stands on which side is clearly explained in VEDAS. It also explains the outcome. nuclear bombs may be used at the end.

  14. I would rather have muziies fucking themselves up while we indians concentrate on our own defense.

  15. smb123211 says:

    This is so crazy and delusional you have to wonder about the state of mind of whoever make it. Where was India mentioned and why would we fight an ally? And why would any human being try to start WW3 which will effectively set back human civilization 2,000 years? Wars usually have goals – separate the US, stop Napoleon, keep South Vietnam from going Marxist, recognition of Protestants, independence, etc. WW3 has no stated goal unless it's living in underground bunkers for decades and emerging to a destroyed planet.

  16. Sreekanth Ps says:

    India will not be inviolved in worldwar because we are peaceful.
    If us wants war let them battle against bristish morons and theifs ,selfish people or Russians
    They want us to fight powerful contries so that they become weak and us can defeat all of them
    so stop pushing countries to warS US

  17. says:

    US will be destroyed and once again it will take another Columbus to find it.

  18. Once you possess everything, you're going to sell it. Your wealth will cause envy, and this will lead to conflict, possibly ending the planet, because of the atom.

    I don't get it. If someone is so powerful that the US is his puppet, why would he risk a nuclear war for even more wealth? I don't get it. The only possible reason would be unification for ending wars within humanity, but do you really, really, really need to be greedy to the point of risking a war for obtaining global peace? It makes no sense. I'm skeptical.

  19. Well after I do my research to all of this and my conclusion is: the main goal is To have a Balance upon Everything Because We are all connected (Geographically).. People have there delusion because it fits them…Some people disagree to the delusion.. Balance in Thought and Perception.. What do you see in your sorroundings? The Plants, The Animals,..Can you Even explain why the Sky is Blue? Every Law made by People is not Reliable.. There is a Workforce behind, Unbreakable Law that is now losing its patience… pay attention to your Historical Evidence

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