US Moves EMP Attack To Iran From North America After Russian Report


By Sorcha Faal
What Does It Mean

An “urgent” follow-up report from General Director Vladimir Popovkin of the Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) to Prime Minister Putin on the failed Phobos-Grunt Mars space probe [photo 2nd left] mission circulating in the Kremlin today states that since his last report (which we reported on in our 26 December report US Warned Could Soon Face Russian Wrath From Space) the Americans who have taken control of this craft have changed their “intended target” from being North America to Iran.

As we had reported on in our previous report, Director Popovkin warned that the Phobos-Grunt probe appeared likely to have been turned into a non-nuclear electromagnetic bomb after it was hijacked after its 9 November launch, and with its roughly 7.5 metric tonnes of highly toxic hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide chemical fuels intended to fire this probe towards Mars now constitute the greatest threat to our planet since the space era began from an object falling out of orbit.

Director Popovkin further stated in his previous report that that should Phobos-Grunt’s Neutron spectrometer, Alpha X spectrometer and Ion spectrometer become activated in full power mode, and if coupled with an explosion of over 7 metric tonnes of both the hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide fuel, an EMP blast could occur, and if exploded at a sufficient height (measured in the tens of thousands of meters) would devastate an area over 1,000 kilometers.

In his new report Director Popovkin states that within hours of his releasing his previous report the United States “mockingly acknowledged” they were the ones who hijacked Phobos-Grunt when the US Strategic Command announced that this spacecraft would enter the atmosphere at 2.22 a.m. Moscow time (22.27 GMT) on 14 January 2012 and fall somewhere between 30.7 Degrees North and 62.3 Degrees East in southwestern Afghanistan near the city of Mirabad close to the Iranian border.

Director Popovkin notes in his new report that it is “impossible” for anyone to so accurately predict the reentry of an out of control and powerless space object without their having control over it, a finding supported by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Dr. Heiner Klinkrad, regarded as the worlds top expert on falling space junk, who stated yesterday, “Pinpointing today when and where any pieces of Phobos-Grunt will land is not possible.”

To the truer reason(s) behind the US hijacking Phobos-Grunt and turning it into an EMP weapon, Director Popovkin suggests is an American plan to take out Iranian listening posts, radar facilities and other such tactical centers near the Afghanistan border in preparation for an all-out attack while at the same time holding themselves blameless.

Of great fear to the Americans when war erupts between them and Iran are the Russian made Avtobaza ground-based electronic intelligence and jamming systems the Iranians have deployed throughout their Western border region with Afghanistan which recently brought down an RQ-170 Sentinel Drone that was operated by the CIA.

To if Iran is intimidated by these latest US war moves there appears to be no evidence as the Iranians have moved their naval forces into the vital Straight of Hormuz region through which much of the worlds oil flows and where they are now encountering a US Naval force led by one of their aircraft carriers under threat from the Americans that should this region be closed it would mean war.

The American people themselves appear to be nearly oblivious to these latest events their propaganda “mainstream” media continues to cover-up and hide from them and prompting one of their top 2012 Presidential contenders, US Congressman Ron Paul, to warn this past week that their nation is “descending into totalitarianism.”

Congressman Paul’s dire warning, also, appears to be supported by the facts as the US announced this past week that they are increasing internal checkpoints throughout the country and their Congress set to approve a massive increase in funding increase for thousands of more Federal police forces to keep these once free people in check.

Interesting to note about the internal crackdown being instituted against the American people are the names being used by their Federal police forces that could have been lifted directly from the Nazi German SS handbook of scary names and include: VIPER (for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response) and ICE (for Immigration Customs Enforcement) teams.

Unbeknownst to these unwitting Americans is that history has always shown that the national security state being created for them always grows and never contracts and has allowed their President to actually inform the US Congress that he has no intention of following the laws they recently passed.

Even worse, new reports coming from the United States show that in the unlikely event a Presidential candidate not approved by the elite (like Ron Paul) should near nomination he (or she) would not be allowed to win.

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing, other than to mention, that even though the American people are being blinded from the truth by a propaganda “mainstream” media beholden to their elite masters, gun and ammunition sales in that once free nation are breaking all records in a sign that these once asleep people are preparing for “something.”

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  1. Adam says:

    Look at the author guys. This one’s bunk Sorcia Faal is a pseudonym for a writer that’s known for their false flag stories. Don’t trust this one.

  2. RioSam says:

    Just keeps getting better and better!! They won’t let the candidate that would stop all of this get basically, we’re screwed! It will be warmonger after warmonger in the White House until eventually they succeed in starting the big one, WWIII. If Ron Paul had been elected back in 1988, the first time he ran, I think America would, right now, be in a much better place than we are today!

    Freedom and Liberty is a thing we used to have back in the “good ole days”

    What our forefathers fought so very very hard to attain has been lost….probably FOREVER!

    • john says:

      Dude, if you think that your forefathers fought so that you can have “liberty and freedom” then you are really screwed. This was the plan all along. Plans like these take decades maybe a century or two to materialize. America was a warmonger nation from the beginning.

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