US plots to kill idea of global digital privacy at the UN – report


The United States is silently watering down the text of an anti-spying UN resolution introduced by Germany and Brazil in order to ensure any extra-territorial violation of online privacy remains legal, according to a document obtained by The Cable.

US plots to kill idea of global digital privacy at the UN - report

According to a government document obtained by the publication, the US has circulated a confidential communique entitled “Right to Privacy in the Digital Age – U.S. Redlines.”

In it, Washington highlights the US objectives in negotiations currently underway at the United Nations and calls for changing the Brazilian and German text so “that references to privacy rights are referring explicitly to States’ obligations under ICCPR and remove suggestion that such obligations apply extraterritorially.”

Washington is also calling for its allies to support amendments that would weaken a UN draft resolution by Brazil and Germany aimed at constraining internet surveillance by the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies.

The United States claims that it wants to limit the focus to illegal surveillance.

“Recall that the USG’s [U.S. government’s] collection activities that have been disclosed are lawful collections done in a manner protective of privacy rights,” the document states. “So a paragraph expressing concern about illegal surveillance is one with which we would agree.”

Diplomatic sources have also told The Cable that Washington is worried that extraterritorial human rights could hinder the US effort to pursue international terrorists.

There is no extraterritorial obligation on states “to comply with human rights,” one diplomatic source told The Cable. “The obligation is on states to uphold the human rights of citizens within their territory and areas of their jurisdictions.”

Source: RT

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  1. Archie1954 says:

    “There is no extraterritorial obligation to comply with human rights”. Oh really? Well I guess it must just be a moral and ethical obligation and of course the American government is in very short supply of both of these. What the diplomat said simply gives rise to the inherent responsibility for each national jurisdiction to ensure that any other jurisdiction doesn’t impinge on the human rights of its people. Every nation on Earth should be actively opposing the spying by the US with every means at their respective disposal.

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