US President Obama arrives in Hangzhou for G20 Summit


US President Barack Obama has landed in Hangzhou for the G20 Summit slated for Sunday and Monday. It will be his last visit to China before he steps down …


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  1. The Rock says:

    Fuck Obama trump for president

  2. “If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialism, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.” ~ Deng Xiaoping speech at the United Nations, April 10, 1974

  3. Bigss360 says:

    Obama is the weakest president of the United States history.

  4. Buying "made in China" or Chinese brands will soon be seen as UNAMERICAN. Xi is like a fool in a wooden boat with a drill

  5. Xain Khan says:

    hEhehe… ^.^) Obama KO apni owkaat yaad agaii

  6. was there a red carpet? never seen Pres. Obama exit at back of AF1 + met by 2nd tier officials; does that really mean anything?

  7. The reception that Zio-President and his Zionist staff got is in conformity with Jewish manners. I applaud China for treating international Zionist Jewry with the contempt they so richly deserve.

  8. Did anybody else exited through the secondary exit with no red carpet on the ladder? Nothing was left to chance. It was planned to happen like this and executed as planned. China will offer no apology, they are the biggest holder of US debt. If China say we want our money back now, the only thing that will happen is to lower the US flag on the White house in the evening and raise the China flag in morning. There is a reason for what China did. Dig deeper, don't rely on the news to supply information.

  9. Chuck James says:


  10. Hef Tarc says:

    Americans should learn to show some respect. You dont visit another country taking an entire US air force fleet. You dont see the president of Phillipines do that do you? No. normal respectable heads of states come on time. But the rude american barbarians think rules dont apply to them. It's really embarrassing. How can Americans live with their shameless huge ego's i often wondered.

  11. Patil Dada says:

    China has Done that to Signify that Usa you are No more only Superpower..and they dont care your status..

  12. marcdaisies says:

    This seems to be the silliest thing to hit the papers in quite a while. I agree with other posters that this seems to be inaccurate reporting by US media, in particular FoxNews. Even the President has quickly distanced himself from it.

    China did lay out a red carpet on the floor regardless of the fact that USA refused the staircase offered by the airport. There are pictures taken. Photos people. Do your fact check.

    The white house always disregards rules. In obama's Australian visit, the US secret service wanted to bulldoze several roads and a round-about. They have also veto venues because of accoustics. Not following instructions is exactly the sort of crap that does America no favours.

    There is a new story said Chinese didn’t allow US journalist enter into G20 Summit. Now the insider information comes out. Because, these “journalist “ didn’t apply and register to G20, that is to say, they didn’t have any legal identity in G20. Who are they? They are the reporters long term stayed in White House. So they think they can ignore the rules of G20 because they're from the white house? Sorry, White House rules are not world rules. G20 is the meeting of 20 countries leaders, it follows the international rules, which should be respected by USA journalists.

  13. 1m1337noSh1t says:

    when the president gets offended for nothing you know america is going down the drain, sjw i Love you!

  14. I am disappointed with Obama.
    No one follows Obama.
    How did he become a American president?
    He is not a christain.
    He lied. He must be a muslim
    No one respects him anymore.
    His game is over.

  15. vipin kumar says:

    not warm welcome of OBAMA ?

  16. Fred Muromov says:

    Losermorede car !!!)))

  17. No Pasaran says:

    Soon all your country will be unrespectable! All nations hates americans and USA. You are the shame of humanity!
    Soon you will answer for Iraq, Libiya, Afgan, Siriya, for your murders, for Olimpic games and WADA! Wiht love from Russia!

  18. China make my day, treat superficial superpower like underdogs, cuz thats what they are, treating Chinese people n leaders like shits n underdogs at best of their own people in their countries of America too for so much n so long, badmouth, bash, blame, bully, bomb, burn n blast n bigotry against non whites or asians. yes, show them whos boss around, asians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, koreans, Taiwanese, communist are best n superior than them in every way n form. we're not gonna put up n shut up with those shits throwing at us, love it n leave it. go back to yr country, this bad but still lot better where u from, put up n shut up, monkeys, yellow people, inferior, bad, sick, weird, ching chong ding dong etc…. . but i feel sorry for Obama, he takes brunch of racist bad whitemen dirty laundry cuz he represents America, or hes bad due i don't know lot insight details to judge fairly for him.

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