US Soldier’s Message To America ‘We Have Failed You’

Susan Duclos

The video below speaks for itself as Gabor Zolna reads a message from a military man which tries to explain the answer to;  why hasn’t our military come to help the American people from the criminal actions of the US government?

I am not going to attempt to put his words into my own because he tells it like it is and the only way to understand his reasoning is to listen to his message.

US Soldier’s Message To America ‘We Have Failed You’

The video is only 3:43 minutes long, so if you are one of those people that have wondered why our military has allowed TPTB to violate our constitutional rights… a constitution they took an oath to defend from enemies foreign and domestic….. then you must watch.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    With more than due respect the “madman” as you appropriately call him. HAS NOT ACTED ALONE. He has acted with the complicity of the majority of our elected “representatives” against the will of the people. Do not blame the POTUS alone because he had more support than just the 535. He has the support of those who push the agenda.

    Yes the military hands are tied and be assured most will be overseas when the SHTF.

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