Vaporesso Target 75 VTC chipset battery problems, issue, or glitch? Unit overheats


Feb 3rd update – Awaiting a new replacement from Eight Cig. They say the one I received last week was from a mixed lot of both old and new arrivals from …


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  1. same problem here…

  2. Same probleme here…… ?

  3. Paul Paradis says:

    Okay I have it and it does this too. BUT. Has anyone's blown up in their face yet? I heard the issue just arises from it having not enough power: I.e. The battery is almost dead anyway. Also this can be all simply negated by just plugging it in!

  4. Blake Hunton says:

    Ya man please provide a link. I got the same issue the first day i got mine.

  5. Blake Hunton says:

    Ya i messaged the support there hopefully i will get a response soon also messaged support at vaporesso.

  6. US customers can email for support and replacement of these units.  I have asked Vaporesso for a Canadian contact also, but they seem fairly slow in responding to customers.  If you have this glitch, you should be aware that the unit will overheat if you leave it in that 'screen glitch state'.  Removing the battery will clear the glitch, and I suggest never leaving in unattended with a battery installed.

  7. For the problem happens when the battery gets under about 30% up until that it is fine

  8. (after one month of owning) My target has the same issue with the screen but it is not flickering between charging and wattage mode. I also haven't noticed any overheat. I simply pull the battery and reinstall. I find this happens when I take the unit outside or maybe in the car (it's like 20˚f outside).

  9. Shaun Kenny says:

    So glad I'm not the only one this has happend too. Mines over heating as well. Not good when I've spent a bit on it.

  10. UPDATE – Another new unit, same old problem – Received the replacement unit from Eight Cig yesterday. I used their tank and kanthal ceramic coil at 32 watts.  Put in a fresh battery and vaped it until the battery was ran down.  Got the 'low power' warning legitimately for the first time (happened lots before, but when battery was fully charged).  I experienced no glitch and was very happy, until I put a new battery in and ran that one down.  Same glitch, same overheating.

  11. jhon724 says:

    Same problem. I noticed the battery door was ajar a bit with the top magnet not completely seated and the bottom of cover a bit lowered. I took out battery and reinstalled correctly with a tight seal and seems to be working.

  12. jhon724 says:

    Thanks LSV,
    I took your advice and sent a couple emails to Vanguard and the other .com you mentioned. I only noticed the cover because when I went to remove the battery the top magnet seemed to be wedged in on top of the battery a bit and looked to be making some kind of contact either directly or indirectly. Thoughts were maybe it could be shorting out somehow. Anyhow at best a bad design! Thanks for the advice and posting… Love the North Shore. I get up there as much as I can down here from Minneapolis.

  13. Jon J. Olson says:

    Yeah I'm with you on this one. This is my first box mod and I like it a lot so what a surprise! I'll let you all know when I hear something hopefully soon. Would like to drive through the Apostle Islands someday maybe around the whole damn lake on the motorcycle. TTYS

  14. This is what Vaporesso put on their Facebook page, they responded to a customer who asked about the glitch
    "hi kiki, the defective rate is less than 1% so far. but that is not an excuse we should have. i am sorry for the trouble. but we are continuing working on it."

  15. Frozencdn - says:

    Same problem here on first day .

  16. tony samper says:

    Thanks very much I knew this wasn't right

  17. Another new unit is on the way.  Just got email from Eight Cig last night.  They say my last one was from a mixed batch of both old stock and new units, but this new one will be a new unit.  I will post an update one I receive and test it.  Keeping my fingers crossed again here.

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