Verdun Gameplay – World War 1 Action FPS Realistic Shooter Indie PC Game 1080p 60fps Multiplayer


Verdun is a squad-based multiplayer FPS in a realistic WW1 setting. Full game will be released on 28th of May 2015 ▻ Remember to select 720p or 1080p for …


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  1. DoomBeeKey says:

    This game looks pretty sweet and it is nice to see a ww1 shooter it has been a while

  2. thornes70 says:

    Nice… nothing like trench warfare!

  3. Niepi says:

    you are by far the worst player with this game.

  4. Noise says:

    Cool. It looks like CoD 5

  5. Crowbar says:

    impressive texture quality but ugly animations, sounds are fine but could be better. I guess Its to be expected for an indie game but those are important things imo. Still, respect to the developers.

  6. swalte6325 says:

    How many players can a match support?

  7. MrFight6666 says:

    Better than the "fish AI" in Call of Duty Ghosts

  8. Get a better k.d next time

  9. 128 vs 128 would be epic

  10. RAvE says:

    4:20 LOL he likes to observe his enemy.. XD hahaha LMFAO

  11. Joseph Crum says:

    You are different from other gamers who edit out their gameplay, I like your style with showing the viewer how the game works.

  12. Andrei Mihai says:

    Only multiplayer right? :(

  13. Looks like a shittier version of red orchestra. 
    Who would actually waste money on this?

  14. Deny Nurdin says:

    finally… i found gameplay video without sux comment inside it =)

  15. My great great grandfather fought in WW1. He was in the trenches for days and nothing was happening. No gunshots for over two days. So he popped his head up to have a look. And one of his allies threw himself on him and he said just as he had moved him. A bullet took his ear clean off. He said had his friend not dived on him it would have been straight through his head. Isn't it amazing how things work out. How we are all here from random things in our ancestors pasts. Had he died I and my entire family would not have existed. I often think of the nameless man who saved my family. R.I.P sir. :)

  16. not enough chaos to be called realistic

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