VICK: An Exclusive Bleacher Report Documentary (FULL)


The exclusive Bleacher Report documentary on the rise and fall of Michael Vick.

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19 Responses

  1. Michael Vick had others who were involved in the dogfighting incident

  2. I'm not a dog fighting enthusiast, but, shouldn't folks be just as mad at hunters that put their dogs in similar harm by having them corner an injured boar or moose in the name of "sport"? I am also very sure that the majority of people so "disgusted" at Vick for dog fighting are NOT vegans (I am not). If we started putting cute sweaters and collars on pigs, would you start to view them differently? You can't be an animal activist while enjoying a big mac….

  3. a breezy says:

    but they can kill dears and hang um on the wall in bossie voice how bout this all the white men who killed indans not to mention slaves . give there familys 23 months in prison or better yet a week in jail. but yes I'm wrong for thinking this way get the fuck out of here if it was Tom Brady Peyton Manning ECT bet your ass they would have said they were forced into it USA

  4. It's a shame that it's what he grew up around and didn't know any better. Vick will and always will be one of my all time favorite players. I hate that this happened because I bet the dude would've got the Falcons 1 or 2 SB rings and that blown lead in this recent SB wouldn't have hurt that much. He did his time i hate how some people care more about animal lives than actual HUMANS I mean what he did was bad but come on guys.

  5. SuperOlivess says:

    why even do that dog fighting??

  6. Chuyin Diaz says:

    if Mike Vick didn't do the dog fighting he would of been the best QB to ever play the game in my head and I love the guy he is a bad ASS player and the best QB I loved to see Mike Vick play stay 100 bro I am with you all the way and I respect you a lot

  7. R SLIM says:

    White women have a strange sick perverted relationship with their dogs, this goes back to their cave dwelling days. they let their dogs lick them EVERYWHERE

  8. R SLIM says:

    White women sleep with and let their dogs lick their face after the dogs clean their own ass.

  9. iceman463864 says:

    Build them and break them down. Some cultures eat dogs some cultures eat cats get the fuck outta here with the humanizing of animals. yes it's wrong but the punishment he got has nothing to do with the dogs.

  10. iceman463864 says:

    equate it with child abuse, get the fuck outta here we know what this was really bout. not all whites but most whites pray for black stars downfall and to make examples of them in any field thats why big ben gets free passes for all the shit he's done and mike vick and people like iverson get buried by the white media. we see what you're doing.

  11. Somebody tell that red reporter bitch her people do that to humans.

  12. fredwill13 says:

    black people (this excludes coons and toms who just happen to have dark brown skin) cant ya'll see that white people are the devil!!!??? "why would he [a nigger] live way out here? he has to be doing something wrong!" just a microcosm of how white people feel about ALL black people. you can assume that if you are black and speak properly, are educated or are financially successful you are somehow exempt but white people still view you [and all people of color] as less than they are. history and current events prove it . a filthy, stinking mongrel dog has more value than a beautiful black, asian or latino child. facts

  13. riner9 says:

    fuck this animal abuser he got off so god damn easy

  14. Harambe says:

    All the comments are black people saying all the white people are salty. Smdh I'm white and I'm his biggest fan. He played for the steelers and I almost cried. I'm a big bengals fan.

  15. He will never reclaim his full status in my eyes, he did something cruel and unusual that scared his name forever. Pittsburgh fan and anytime someone mentions his name I think back up and dog fighting. The same applies to older people I talk to. Regardless of his talent he is forever scared with shame.

  16. After he got caught at the Airport ✈️

    With weed ?? at the Terminal !

    It was a RAP in ATL for # 7 ??

    The plan was in Motion ?

    Get rid of Him & get Our MONEY BACK ??????

    #By Any Means Necessary ????

  17. This piece of shit should still be in prison.

  18. He couldn't play in the pocket and that's why he a was running QB!

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