Video: 11 Cities May Completely Run Out Of Water


Susan Duclos

A recent report from NOAA’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences confirms that 11 cities across the US could completely run out of water as they are “stressed” with demand for water that exceeds their natural supply.

Video 11 Cities May Completely Run Out Of Water

Thos cities are:

Salt Lake City, Utah – Lincoln, Nebraska – Cleveland, Ohio – Miami, Florida – Atlanta, Georgia – Washington DC – El Paso, Texas – San Antonio, Texas, San Francisco Bay Area, California – Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California.

Abstract from the original report:

Here, we assess current stress in the freshwater system based on the best available data in order to understand possible risks and vulnerabilities to regional water resources and the sectors dependent on freshwater. We present watershed-scale measures of surface water supply stress for the coterminous United States (US) using the water supply stress index (WaSSI) model which considers regional trends in both water supply and demand. A snapshot of contemporary annual water demand is compared against different water supply regimes, including current average supplies, current extreme-year supplies, and projected future average surface water flows under a changing climate. In addition, we investigate the contributions of different water demand sectors to current water stress. On average, water supplies are stressed, meaning that demands for water outstrip natural supplies in over 9% of the 2103 watersheds examined. These watersheds rely on reservoir storage, conveyance systems, and groundwater to meet current water demands. Overall, agriculture is the major demand-side driver of water stress in the US, whereas municipal stress is isolated to southern California. Water stress introduced by cooling water demands for power plants is punctuated across the US, indicating that a single power plant has the potential to stress water supplies at the watershed scale. On the supply side, watersheds in the western US are particularly sensitive to low flow events and projected long-term shifts in flow driven by climate change. The WaSSI results imply that not only are water resources in the southwest in particular at risk, but that there are also potential vulnerabilities to specific sectors, even in the ‘water-rich’ southeast.

All cities and all businesses require water, yet in many regions, they need more water than is actually available, and that demand is growing,” said Upmanu Lall, director, Columbia Water Center told the Business Insider. “The new study reveals that certain areas face exposure to drought, which will magnify existing problems of water supply and demand.”

More in the video below:

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5 Responses

  1. aj weishar says:

    Cleveland will not run out of water. It has Lake Erie plus the flow from Lakes Superior, Michigan, and Huron. Apparently NOAA is not aware of the Army Corps of Engineers work on the Great Lakes. They more or less control the depth of the lakes with a series of locks. Add the Cuyahoga, Rocky, Black, and Chagrin Rivers and the natural springs below Northern Ohio, and this seems really far fetched.

  2. Archie1954 says:

    Why would Cleveland run out of water if it is located near the Great Lakes?

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Do not discount the effect of companies like NESTLE who are pumping out 99 MILLION gallons or more water every year into little bottles and shipping them overseas as a factor but NESTLE is not alone in sucking American Aquifers dry.

  4. overit says:

    The segment where its Claimed that Paxvax is an aussie company..totally wrong!
    its a silicon valley startup..go look!
    yes theyve applied to test vax 1000 or so idiot s who might volunteer for the trial gm mod Cholera vaccine.
    it is NOT!!! and could NOT be used in an aerial spray!
    and the claims re total water run out in all 11 cities usa pure crap.
    one or two might run low,
    but unless you guys manage a 10+ YEAR drought like we get in aus as an example, and your govt dos absolutely nothing at all to remedy water supplies( ok thats possible)
    again its fearmongering crap at its worst.
    tell the truth!! dont embroider supposition and bullshit.
    and the could might etc words..along with claims of rising temp and seas.
    oh FFS! temps are NOT rising and the seas have managed 6mm or so total in 100years so far.
    warmist shite!

  5. overit says:

    so it could be about time america learnt to ration or at least be mindful of water use?
    however seeing as this is from NOAA..and their known pro warmist slant would be well n truly ON the agenda here..I am less inclined to give it much credence.
    and the NOT so insignificant fact that the govt epa etc are all REMOVING dams willy nilly,
    allowing the ogallalla aquifer to be drained for bottled water etc by megacorps..
    and the absolute idiocy of BANNING! rainwater collection for home useage. so it can drain into stormwater and be wasted utterly, while carrying street pollution into oceans.
    scare stories like this abounded in the prior panic fearmongering ecoloons ideology back in the 70s too.
    gasp! no fuel no water no food no minerals etc etc.
    No Credibilty anymore!

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