Video: 666 The Mark Of The Beast, RFID Chips For Every Man, Woman, and Child On Earth


First it was cattle. Then it was pets. Then Mexicans. Now the tribal areas of Pakistan where the CIA is equipping Pakistani tribesmen with secret transmitters to call in air-strikes targeting al-Qaida and Taliban militants.


Will Americans and the rest of the “free world” be next? Long perceived as a crazy conspiracy theory, radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) have surreptitiously penetrated every aspect of society and may soon literally get under our skin for full-spectrum control.

If you wanna have an idea if this is true or not, but yourself in these guys’s shoes. I can guarantee that 100% of youtube population have not seen millions to billions of dollars at their disposal. We have NO idea how money drives greed, but these guys in “charge” really do. They don’t care for me, you, our parents, grandparents. I personally think this is real and that this is part of Satan’s works. Hate to say it, but he’s doing a freaking tremendous job. May the Savior save us!




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8 Responses

  1. Albert Bertrum says:

    You are a religious nut job, satan for f-sack. If you have nothing to hide and it stops crime and war why not. We are controlled by governments and media now it is just the next step and could make life a lot safer. In Spain your given one number when your are born which you use for everything medical, work, banking, etc..A nd your fingerprints are taken when you hit adolescence, so if you commit a crime they have you on record already. it’s a lot safer.

  2. Tamra says:

    Obamination needs to be the 1st one to get his own 666 Mark of the Beast RFID chip… since HE IS THE BEAST!!!

  3. Brayan says:

    Im a mexican and I dont have a chip under my skin so im kind of confussed about saying we have a chip under our skin

  4. Flygirl_481 says:

    The Mark of the Beast is the Biblical concept of how man makes his allegence. The Scriptures teach, the numerical value of 2. To the right or to the left, and since the Scriptures teach mainly about Gods right hand, depicting Right-eousness, it then follows within the NT, that the Sheep or those that follow, are to the right hand side. Anything to the Left, be it relgious or political is against the Lord! Therefore, the Mark of the Beast is symbolic, every person that is in truth, to the right hand, bear the mark of God, and all those against Him, bear the mark of the beast. The Book of Daniel teaches us who these Beasts are, in the form of a Lion with wings, a bear, Brazen greeks and Roman Iron, note especially that 4th beast with no name, Today, it is a combination of all that dominate, persecute, subjucate and oppress, globally under the banner of the 4th Beast, and they wear that Mark of flesh! That conglomerate of beasts will fill the Image in Daniel, with its religious piety, and the number of the Beast. Then they will come against the mountains of Israel.

  5. Mal says:

    They say this thing is a size of grain of rice. How come we could be chipped by without knowing?

  6. Clare forjan says:

    No way! I would rather die than be chipped.

  7. Saq says:

    may 2008 he said we would all be chipped. It’s February 2012 now…….

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