Video: 9/11 Lessons From Star Trek


An episode of Star Trek: The Original Series entitled Day of the Dove is an allegory to the New World Order and its divide and conquer tactics, including the use of false flag operations as a synthetic catalyst for armed conflict to the benefit of the elite.

Video 9 11 Lessons From Star Trek

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  1. The ‘aliens’ are the jews. Always have been, always will be until righteous Men stand against them and send them to the graveyard of history. Time and again in that video, it showed jews who are or were in control at various times – Kissenger, Kristol, Richard Perle, Madeleine Albright, Ari Fleischer, Douglas J. Feith, Joshua Bolten…The list is a mile long and this has gone on for decades before 9/11. ( – List of jews in prominent roles of the US government since 1861)

    It must end now if we are to be free of war! We must eradicate these aliens from the face of our planet. They set up, they knock down. They profit from our blood and sweat. Wake up!

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