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The Final Solution is a 2003 documentary directed by Rakesh Sharma about the 2002 communal Gujarat Riots that arose as a response to the Godhra Train Burning incident on February 27, 2002, where 58 Hindus were burnt alive on a train carriage. An official estimate states that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed during the riots, with 223 more missing. The documentary consists mostly of interviews, with both Muslims and Hindus, of multiple generations, and both sexes, with different views regarding the causes, justifications, and the actual events of the violence that occurred, as well as their prospects for the future. The government of Gujurat at the time, led by Chief Minister Narendra Modi, was highly criticised throughout the documentary and was accused of inciting much of the rioting and not doing enough to halt it.
One of the interviewees was a small boy who claimed to have seen his relatives being killed in the riots. He said that he wanted to become a “fauji” (soldier) who would kill Hindus when he grew up. When asked why, he replied in Hindi, “Because they did the same.”

Screenings and Censoring: The movie was initially banned in India for about a year, till early 2005 for fears that massive communalism and radicalism would be ignited by its extremely inflammatory content. The Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), had denied the movie from being screened. A pilot movement to copy-and-redistribute the movie was held, briefly to protest the censoring of the movie screenings. The BBC has screened the movie. (

A no-nonsense, well-researched documentary containing footage the Indian media will never show. It does not exposition or proselytize, just shows the fact about what happened in Gujarat and its consequences.


Even though the film is banned in India, definitely try to get hold of a copy especially if you are Indian. The documentary clearly shows the insidious ways used by the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP to spread their doctrine of hate and poison Hindu minds against Muslims just for the purposes of getting votes. See what is being done in the name of Hinduism. (kaustavsdiary)
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