Video: Britain on the verge of Bankruptcy!!!


UK gov is focused on ‘fiscal stimulation’ bailing out the banks who are doing little to help their clients, yet received help from tax payers. Ordinary British are just rotting in debt , it is funny debt credit companies like standard and poors downgraded countrys like Spain and Portugal and Greece and Ireland and Latvia and others but they dont USA or UK they have much bigger debts and its impossible for them to pay them why is that? maybe its because the companies are from those countrys they should be put in court for being so corrupted since they spook investors and make our life harder then hell, while keeping the lie that investing bank can lend money to USA and UK risk free


Regardless of which political party we support the UK has become a oneparty state within the EU and eventually the NWO/OneWorldBanking system!We didn’t get a referendum on the EU. We wasn’t consulted before giving away our money to ‘Bailout’ the banks.We Won’t be asked if we want to join a world government. This country is Bankrupt and we are giving away our Rights and our Freedom as if they don’t matter to us anymore! Whoever said the Nazis were defeated was wrong they just came in the backdoor.

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  1. GJS says:

    The scariest fact of this is many still believe this is just another cyclic recession & believe what the powers that be tell them that things are OK & will improve.
    The working class have been decimated, pension funds robbed & the poor getting poorer, the ONLY winners have been the elites that orchestrated this whole fiasco.
    Financially we have to start again & it our (the people) to ensure any future system have severe built in penalties for the type of fraud we are still witnessing, if you or me did anything saimilar we would immrdiately be gaoled but because these crimes were done by so called upper class people it’s ok, it’s a joke & we are the brunt.
    I just hope enough people wake up & start getting involved because if we stay divided we will live to regret it, vote for unaligned independents & send a message that the main powers will understand, we’ve had a gutful & want change. The only way it will happen is to eliminate the main political parties until they conform to what we want, a fair go for all & laws that are applied to everyone.
    Good luck all

  2. Abaddon says:

    Is it not evident that the TOTALITY of global problems are like a tsunami sweeping the globe, and all the puny human efforts to stop them are being swept aside as the fragile barriers being put up by politicians, financiers, the UN, EU, G20, and uncle tom cobley and all, have, and are failing? The only prognosis that anyone can come to, if they put hand on heart, is that we are watching the terminal decline of a corrupt global financial, political, and religious system. This is a malignant global disease, a world wide cancer, that is now out in the open for all to see, and just as we watch the final days of someone close to us who has been ravaged by cancer, this system likewise is giving off staggering symptoms of one who will shortly be deceased. Amen.

  3. S4r4cl1 says:

    This clip is form at least 2 years ago when Labour was still in power, which doesn’t change the facts and if anything, things are a lot worse now…

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