Video: Canadians Discover That The US Is Now A Police State


Welcome to Amerika! Exactly when did she become a police state?

“We don’t need any grounds. We’re the United States” “Pulling away from us when we grab you is assault” BY WHOM? Accused of “making threats”. Listen again & see if you hear a threat. Exactly what had he done BEFORE he was arrested? You are either free to go, or you are UNDER ARREST. NOTHING IS IN BETWEEN. Taking car keys means NOT free to go. If you are insulted, falsley accused, threatened, assaulted, what would your mood be? These jack boots understand the climate they create with such REPREHENSIBLE behavior! Then they JUDGE YOU on how polite you are? While millions pour across Mexican border ILLEGALLY, Canadians must beware of attempting to LEGALLY go shopping in the US?

You hear the officer admit that HE recorded. In a free country a person arrested has a right to demand the evidence. Still true EVEN in US.


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  1. Surly Bob says:

    I got this same sort of bullshit attitude from the customs officer the last time I travelled back and forth to Canada…and I'm an American Citizen! First it was a nasty order "TAKE OFF YOUR SUNGLASSES"! There was no politeness about it at all…What the hell is wrong with "Sir, could you please take off your sunglasses?" No, they have to try to start a fight. Naturally I became very defensive. So every question shouted at me, I shouted back the answer with equal venom. Including…CAN I GO NOW? These Jackasses are nothing less than a bunch of NAZI SS and THEY DO NOT REPRESENT MY COUNTRY!

    • Debra Naas says:

      welcome to my world each time i have to go through the airport every dam time (security) some one has tried to make me take off my scarf and i told them if you what my scarf off then you take it off of me to this day nobody has taken my scarf off my head all they do is look at me helplessly and let me go

    • Anthony Cox says:

      Unfortunately, they do represent the US. They are the front line, they are what foreigners experience. Sounds like they act the same as US Military do overseas. Kind Americans need to replace them!

  2. I think the guy is total ass and makes all Canadians look like idiots. He is a different country and is acting like a total jerk. Personally I think he should have been locked up and then kicked out and never allowed back in to the US.

  3. Ben from Texas says:

    The Canadian recording this event is disrespectful and got what he asked for,good material on video tape.He was resisting arrest and being a smart ass …Terrorist are infiltrating our borders every day and this Canadian and his wife need to shop in Canada.When confronting Police FROM ANY COUNTRY its best to do as they say and NOT be a smart ass resisting or questioning authority..If he was entering Mexico or some other 3rd world country he and she might have had months in jail or worst….Best to be respectful to the law especially if your a wise guy..

  4. Omar Gonzalez says:

    You are stupid "millions pour across the Mexican border"? Its thousands a year and the rate is plummiting every year.

  5. There was no reason for these people to be treated the way they were. At the end of the video the gentleman was asked, "Do you know where you are?" The answer is yes, in a police state.

  6. Stan Sikorski says:

    This doesn’t end until we put a stop to it. Prepare to fight and do so when challenged.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I really hate it when someone brags to me about their children being part of the government gangs, and bragging about how many people they have killed or injuried (TO PROTECT AMERICA, YOU UNDERSTAND)they have grown to believe in this country its perfectly OK to cause great harm to your neighbors, beat them and rob them, and they think its funny how they don't fight back, they don't even realize it won't go on forever like this and the round ups will start, ARMED PEOPLE only go so far and then they stop, and say we've had enough, the military, the police gangs , DHS, and all the other gangs are waiting for that day, IT GOING TO BE A BLOOD BATH, think your family won't be involved, I got news for you, your own children brag about the need to reduce the population of morons and that will include YOU………A great EVILNESS is coming over america, the churches are blind , the people brag about their children killing children in foreign lands, they think the LORD JESUS doen't see their evil but he does, and he's been warning to stop, BUT all of america loves evil , and soon the good lord will bring it all to an end, when he does , it will be the end of america forever, he'll never let evil rise again……………..

  8. ARIZONA says:

    WHAT DID YOU AMERICAN’S TEACH YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT FREEDOM???? did you teach them living on their knees was better then saying no to the government??? I guest you did,this explains why all the ALPHA males are in jail,and the fagots and queers run the country,smart,smart,OH you really did it this time ,now your up against the wall and your son and daughters think killing their neighbors is the way to treat everyone ,THIS ain’t going to end well…………………..

  9. Gary says:

    This interview is no different that an American entering China. Endless questions and even some guy following you around when you get to your destination.

  10. Unbelievable. How did this couple get out of detention?

  11. Every state is a lock down and getting more locked down time up

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