Video: Cop Caught on Camera Terrorizing Family in Bizarre


Ohio Cop Caught on Camera Terrorizing Family in Bizarre Video “Cop pulled somebody over and blocked neighbors driveway, and then the neighbor comes home and asks cop to move vehicle..this is what happened.“ 

Video Cop Caught on Camera Terrorizing Family in Bizarre

I think he forget that his status. He is a civil servant who have to be polite and respect the people he works for and pays him. I think he believes the government pays him, but what about the government without collecting tax from the civilians. This cop deserves 10 years in Jail or something like that. Arresting a kid and humiliating his mother? Will that kid ever believe that the police are good and they work for the country?


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  1. It’s on. All cops should be shot down where they stand. Bring it bitches.

  2. Archie1954 says:

    What a totally dysfunctional society the US has. These types of videos have become a dime a dozen. What they are showing is the misfeasance of the police chief, far away in his office drinking coffee instead of teaching professionalism to his officers. Get rid of the chief and you will begin to solve the problem.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    Keep the camera on the action. This video does not show the whole event. What led up to this? The officer throwing the phone – unacceptable. The people have the right to call and video everything in most states.
    Here in my town they want you to make videos because those videos keep them in line and are used as evidence.
    One bad cop does not spoil the whole bunch.

  4. Brenda Jones says:

    Like it was said, “this is insane.” I would like to know the outcome of this disgusting act of one who is suppose to protect us. I can’t in good conscience even refer to him as a Peace Officer. Has he been arrested for his act?

  5. doesntmatter says:

    no backup officers present yet?? he could’ve gotten mobbed if the other civilians that looked on suddenly became good Samaritans. can you call the police on the police??? would you even want to???? lol

    swine in uniform is the new hott thing in america…and you didn’t even know it o_o.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is insane!

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