Video: Cops Publicly Execute Another Person! Because They CAN!


The police across the country seem to have adopted a new attitude about traffic violations, somehow that turn deadly. The latest death by cop, was last week in San Diego, California. The police began a car chase with a man,who was talking on his cell phone and driving, it ended in a hail of bullets, leaving the “suspect” dead.

Video Cops Publicly Execute Another Person! Because They CAN!

What is most concerning about this particular case, is the innocent bystanders, that were all over the scene, while police opened fire on the car. They claimed the man behind the wheel pointed a gun at them. That claim as of yet, hasn’t been substantiated.

The police brutality rate has gone up in this country, more than I think we can really calculate, simply due to the lack of reporting these crimes. Many victims of police brutality are too afraid of retribution, to report the wrong doings. The following infograph of the statics of police brutality was provided by CopBlock.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Wow, no shit in Cowlifornia? This is not news it is an every day occurrence anymore. I would have expected it in Texas too. Just wait.

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