Video: Crusades Uncensored – with Zaid Hamid


A must watch Urdu documentary produced by Waqt TV featuring Zaid Hamid.


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  1. imrankhan says:

    assalamaaliakum to all bro and sis i am a student of electronic in unversity and i am a very big fan of zaid hamid first of all i says to salam there after i realy admire the speech of sir zaid hamid and i am regular the programe watcher of zaid hamid i thing all of his research is right and i also agree with sir zaid hamid . one think which i wanna tell u all bro and sis that now adys u r realy a big confussin cause of the hearing about 2012.actually its agame plan of jews zoinest and free messanic .the agenda of these to spered the dis information through media as we know all media is under jews zoinest.and i think in 2012 the will complete their next satanic target as like 9/11 .now i dont know what they will do but i conferm somthing very wrong in this world cuse of jews zoinest and illumanty and free massanec .but i am sure that 2013 it will the year of imam mehdi inshallahaand after 7th year mean in 2020it will the year of dajal antichrist.its just my openoin ot i am sure but in 2012 may be occure the big sign of imam mehdi like risign star on the sky mean x planet may be it will the sign of imam mehdi wallaho alm .

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