Video: Damning Evidence On 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Pakalert July 9, 2011 2

Citizen Investigation Team offers this compilation of independent verifiable evidence exposing the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon as a psychological black operation of deception. Consider this a non-violent call to action as everyone is encouraged to copy and distribute this conclusive evidence to media, political, and authority figures while first requesting, and then demanding a response. Inaction by authorities and media to this information amounts to a crime of obstruction of justice so it’s time they are held accountable. This is particularly the case as more innocents are slaughtered and additional billions of dollars are spent on a fraudulent “war on terror” perpetuated under any other name.

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  1. max July 24, 2011 at 9:22 pm - Reply pentagon secrets

  2. Muhammad Farouq Yousaf July 10, 2011 at 4:08 am - Reply

    It’s a matter of time when the TRUTH becomes clear…’s obscure at the moment but it will reveal itself in full resplendancy as time goes by. My full admiration to all those who are making their utmost efforts to know the Truth…I and many many like me applaud all the good people in America . The Holy Quran states several verses about take heart. : in Surat AL ISRA (17) THE JOURNEY…Verse 81…Quote, “And say: The Truth has now come to Light and Falsehood has withered away: for behold, ALL Falsehood is bound to perish.” Again in Surat Saba 34 (Sheba )…Verse..49..Quote ” The Truth has now come to Light and Falsehood is bound to wither away: for Falsehood cannot bring forth anything new, nor can it bring back ( what has passed away ). Yet again, in Surat AL AMBIYA (21) ..THE PROPHETS….Verse 18, Quote, ” Nay, but We hurl the Truth against Falsehood and it crushes the latter: and lo it withers away. But WOE unto you for all your attempts at defying Truth. (Sadaq Allah al Awzim ) Translation : ” For Whatever God has said is the Truth.”

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