Military overspending and overreach, an untenable economic system, and currency debasement all played a role. As has been well documented, the Roman emperors attempted to distract the populace from the increasingly dire reality of their situation by providing bread and circuses. But entertainments could not stop the nation-state from yielding to the pressure of its own weight. When will liberal hacks learn that Obama is no different than Bush or CLinton. He has either continued or expanded every controversial policy of the Bush administration. GITMO, Rendition, the Patriot Act, continued and expanded wars in Iraq and Afghansitan, increased national debt, reduction of the middle class, more and more people on government tit. It would not surprise me if we are still waterboarding people. This is the largest transfer of wealth in a single transaction that the planet has ever known. Our representatives are patting themselves on the back, they finally acted in a responsible manner, no? they just enslaved the american working class for at least 5 generations to an over realistic tax burden and a runaway inflation that will drive the standard of living down to the level of poverty for more than 70% of the population. high speed internet, satellite tv, vacations, health care…… soon to be out of our reach now that we have been raped by our own representatives for the sake of a faceless elite. what to do?


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  1. m says:

    up to us?
    when did that ever happen?

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