Video: “Dollar Valueless, About To Crash” – World Bank Whistleblower


Has the US Dollar now lost all value and is soon to crash as stated in this Russia Today video interview with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes? Is the US government shutdown a ‘temporary ailment’ or a ‘symptom of a grave, and terminal, disease’?

Video “Dollar Valueless, About To Crash” – World Bank Whistleblower


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  1. The dollar has lost 96% of it’s purchasing power in 1 hundred years since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed. It takes $25.00 to buy what $1.00 would buy in 1913. That is 2,500% inflation. When the dollar has lost lost 100% of it purchasing power it will take $100.00 to buy what $1.00 whould buy in 1913. The new dollar will be the $100.00 bill. Just move the decimal point to the right 2 places and add 2 zeros. That 3,00% inflation. This is the age of the same old robber barons. The financial and economic system has been designed by the insiders at the top of the pyramid to go eventually bankrupt. They have abscounded with the national treasury and usurped the people’s wealth. It’s the largest Ponzi Pyramid scam in the history of the world. Federal Reserve Notes stupidly called money are bills of credit. The Internationa Bankers from the very onset, their primary purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver repalacing them with worthless non redeemable paper notes. They have prospered through the paper gimick. It is their method by which they take money and give paper in return. When they appointed the necessary person into the International Sphere of Finance, the debt surf slaves began to pay them tribute of subjects and all the monies of the world began to flow into their cash boxes. This financial and economic crisis will still be further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis which will stop dealing on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. They shall create by all secret sub-teranian methods open to them and with the aid of gold which is in all their hands an international economic crisi which will throw whole mobs of workers on to the streets throughout all the countries of the world.

    After the Elite Globalist CABAL of the NWO of Elite Politicians, Bankers and Industrialist skim the top off the financial base of the Economic Pyramid, they bailout with their golden parashutes with a silver lining and make a soft landing, while the debt surf slaves crash to the bottom and bare the full brunt of the blow.

    When are the sheeple going to wakeup to this greed corruption and fraud being purpotrated on an unsuspecting public? The debt surf slaves will have no other reason to exist, except from the crumbs that they fling from their table!

    As landed proprietors the debt surf slaves can still be harmful to us in the fact that they are self sufcing upon the resourses upon which they live. Therefore it is essential for us to deprive them of their land, loading lands with debts. These measures will keep land holdings in a state of humble and unconditional submision. All real property is chattel liened property. There is a perpetual tax lien or indebtedness that is never paid off. It is called deficit financing. The local governments float or issue bonds that are secured by the taxpayers that have only a vested interest of right of occupancy and right of use so long as they pay their tribute of subjects to the local government taxing agency for International Finance. In many states the person that has a vested interest in his or her property does not even have the sub- surface rights, only the surface rights. This an extortion racket and fraud. Plain and simple!

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Adcito is slowing us down again! 68 seconds.

    Of course the dollar is about to fail. It was planned long ago by the Zionist Elite.
    There is suggestion and a cure though.

    Arrest them all and take their wealth to rebuild the world’s economy. Less than 10 thousand of them and they stole most of the money anyway. Give them what they heaped on the people since the “FED” began.

    Hunt them down, render them powerless and penniless. What else do you think the FEMA Zone 3 build up is for anyway. They are expecting THE PEOPLE to do just this.

    I am not happy with this contrived situation created by the Zionists and their casual buying of American Politicians who have no honor.

  3. doesntmatter says:

    well its gotta happen one day.

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