Video: End of Days and Islamic Predictions – A Must Watch


This documentary was created by a Turkish Scholar which proofs that all major prophecies by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) have been fulfilled and we are living in the last age where we will witness the arrival of Mehdi and Jesus Christ (pbuh)


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  1. Loga says:

    Did you see the review of “the Arrivals”?

    All the best.

  2. Falesteeni says:

    And as for you jewboy I will have the pleasure of slaughtring you bastards when done with my new weapon NONE be able to save your asses from NEYAZ , remember my name etch it in stone…..

  3. ricky says:

    What is really remarkable about about 2012 – end times prophesy is that people are not really aware of the whole significance of what is going on in our would today. Everyone has a piece of connecting thread but not seeing the entire fabric. Some talk of Illuminati plots and free mason dictators and are not linking everything as one. All are just a piece of the picture, the ascension of lucifer. What is even more significant is the date december 21, 2012. If we research illuminati ( luciferian ) ….he doesn’t deserve the capital ‘l’……..numerology we see the number 3 as an important number in their plot especially when multiplied. For example 3 is evil 33 even more so and 333 being the mark of the beast ( multipled by 2 ) By extention 21/12/2012 refers to 3/3/3 which is undoubtedly his ascension to reign over the earth until our lord the saviour comes and shackles him for 1000 years in eternal fire and brimstone. Some scholars point to that not as the ‘end of days’ but as a date of significant change. The rise of a New World Order, which as we see are happening daily. Awake and open your eyes, do some research on the numerology and see for youself.

  4. Mohammad says:

    Dear Brother

    Just two minor corrections:

    1. The gas leakage in India happened in Bhopal not in Bombay as shown.
    2. Mahatma Gandhi was never the prime minister of India, he was considered the father of the nation. The prime minister of India who was killed was actually Indira Gandhi, mother of Rajiv Gandhi, was was also killed.

    The clip that shows Indian prime minister is actually of Mahatma Gandhi, he was also killed by a Hindu fanatic, Nathu Ram Godse but Mahatma Gandhi was never the prime minister of India

    Dear brother, my only aim is to bring in more authenticity in your well prepared, excellent documentary. It is a great work and a very commendable task.



  5. web alert says:

    When the USA goes down so will the rest of the world. Check out who has a vested interest in the USA.

  6. manzoor says:

    may god help those peoples at the time of the rising of Dajjal

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