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By Vigilant

This article documents some of today’s well-known artists who have gone on record and spoken about the dark side of the entertainment industry. Some of the industry’s biggest stars, including Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan, have hinted at the true nature of the business in their own words. Here are some of my findings.

Throughout my articles, I discuss many dark aspects of the entertainment industry. Some of these aspects are so awful and improbable to the average reader that they become hard to believe, especially when the information comes from an anonymous blogger such as myself. Some actual celebrities have however gone on record with some truths on the industry. Those rare outbreaks are rarely publicized but, they are available online. So, for this article, I’m letting the insiders do the talking. Who is better placed to talk about the entertainment business than the entertainers themselves, those who have experienced first hand all facets of the business?

Although most artists will not use the terms “mind control” or “occult initiation,” they are explaining, in their own words, the strange realities they are witnessing. These are some videos I’ve found.  I hope they’ll work for everyone.

Warning: Some of these videos are disturbing or contain foul language.

Dave Chappelle

This stand-up comedian, screenwriter, producer and actor is most famous for creating Chappelle’s Show, a ground-breaking sketch comedy television series which ran on Comedy Central until 2006. The DVD set is currently the all-time best-selling DVD for a television show, having sold more than three million copies. Its early success prompted Viacom (Comedy Central’s parent company) to offer Chappelle a $55 million contract for the production of two more seasons of Chappelle’s Show. The production of season 3 was extremely difficult, however, as Chappelle did not like the direction the show was taking. He even referred to it as being “socially irresponsible.” Chappelle also had troubles coping with the pressure coming from network executives to compromise and dumb-down his show.

On May 2005, Chappelle abruptly left the production of season 3 of the show and traveled to Africa. A media frenzy ensued, fueled by speculation and rumors of Chappelle “going crazy” and being on drugs. Upon his return, Chappelle was interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio in December 2005. He discussed many subjects, including his reasons for leaving for Africa. In this next portion of the interview, Chappelle describes in a very vivid matter the “sick” nature of Hollywood.


Keep in mind the portion of the interview where Chappelle talks about Mariah Carey and her losing her mind. She and her “handler” Tommy Mottola will again be mentioned by another fairly known celebrity later in this article.

In an interview with Oprah, Dave Chappelle shares his own theory concerning black comedians being forced to cross-dress at one point or another during their career.  The following video compares Chappelle’s story with 2Pac during the filming of Poetic Justice.


Selling One’s Soul to the Devil

“Selling one’s soul” can be defined as allowing one’s integrity, values and moral code to be defiled in order to obtain riches and success. Considering the occult aspect of the industry, “selling one’s soul” can take a more literal meaning, as there exist actual ritualistic initiations and obscure secret societies working in the shadows. Some artists, who have been more or less in contact with that darker side of Hollywood, have spoken on the subject in their own words.

In the next video, model and actress Melyssa Ford discusses the price of fame in Hollywood.


In the next video, singing legend Bob Dylan explains on 60 Minutes the reason for his longevity in the music business.


What is Katy Perry referring to in this next video? Is “selling one’s soul to the Devil” the folksy way to say I’ve been initiated into the Illuminati industry?


Michael Jackson

Who better than the King of Pop to speak the truth about the music industry? I’ve been asked numerous times about Jackson’s involvement in the Illuminati industry and the causes of his death. I’ve never attempted to write an article on the subject, as his career was incredibly long and filled with astounding events and requires more than just a summary survey.

What is obvious, however, is that MJ, in his last years, was becoming increasingly outspoken on the shady dealings of the music industry. Indeed, it seems the man who was the ultimate Illuminati slave was attempting to break free. In June 2002, Michael Jackson, gave an unexpected speech about the dark side of the entertainment business.


Jackson directly points to Tommy Mottola, the ex-president of Sony Music and the ex-husband of Mariah Carey, who was less her husband than an actual mind control handler. Did “the Devil” get back at MJ for speaking the truth?

Is there a symbol of MJ’s ritual sacrifice on the omniously titled “This Is It” released by… Sony?

Monarch Programming Caught on Tape

Sometimes without even knowing it, celebrities expose the ugly side of the entertainment industry through their actions. I have discussed in numerous articles the existence of mind control in entertainment industry and its symbolism in popular art, and people have asked me if the artists I discuss are actual mind control victims or if they are just performing art that incorporates mind control symbolism. It is obviously difficult to determine which celebrities are actual victims of monarch programming  but some rare footage has appeared showing some celebrities switching mind-control “alters” or personalities. Those videos are quite a disturbing display, but reflect the unfortunate reality of the mass entertainment industry.

Anna Nicole Smith

In the next video, model and actress Anna Nicole Smith is filmed while one of her Monarch alters is switched on. In this disturbing home video, filmed by her handler Howard K. Stern, Anna-Nicole is completely dissociated and child-like.  Media outlets claimed Anna Nicole was under the influence of drugs during the taping of the video, which was probably the case. Drugs alone cannot explain her state of mind, however, as there are obvious symptoms of profound psychological trauma.


Anna-Nicole Smith has clearly an “alter” personality switched on who firmly believe that a doll is actually a real baby. The clown makeup (probably ordered by Stern himself to give the video more impact), reinforces the concept of alter personality in a sick display of manipulation by a handler. Notice in this CNN report that Geraldo refers to Smith as being “in character,” another term to explain an alter personality.

This video only reports one of the many bizarre events toward the end of Anna Nicole Smith’s life. Her entourage and environment was totally foul. It is not a coincidence Smith often posed as Marilyn Monroe during her career: Monroe was the original “mind controlled” sex-symbol.

Looking at the circumstances surrounding the death of her 20-year-old son Daniel in 2006, we can find another example of the trauma-based mind control Anna Nicole was subjected to. The death indeed appears to be a ritual sacrifice. Daniel died in Anna Nicole’s hospital room, right in front of her, only three days after she gave birth to her third baby. Here’s how the authorities described Daniel’s death.

“It would appear from our report that the mother had gotten up, saw him in the chair and he appeared to be sound asleep. She tried to wake him up, he was unresponsive, and she sounded the alarm.”
– Source

After witnessing the miracle of birth, Anna was forced to witness the death of her son in her own room. Daniel death was later attributed to the “presence of three types of prescription drugs in his system” and was considered “suspicious”. The event caused a violent trauma in Anna Nicole, and reports say she was then heavily sedated. She then dissociated from reality (the goal of Monarch mind control programming) and even lost memory of the event.

“The devastation and grief over Daniel’s sudden death coupled with the sedation has been so extreme that Anna Nicole experienced memory loss of the event,” attorney Michael Scott said.
– Source

This is just an example of the disturbing events surrounding Anna-Nicole Smith’s life. Many more details could be discussed in a later article perhaps.

Britney Spears

In this 2003 interview with Diane Sawyer, Britney seems to momentarily switch alters in what seems to be a “mind control glitch”.


The episode of her breaking down and shaving her head might have been an attempt to break free from her mind control manipulation. Reality is indeed WAY stranger than fiction.

In Conclusion


What more can I say?

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  1. Jose says:

    You forgot to mention Tupac Shakur as well. He too was exposing The Industry which led to his assassination.

  2. RastgeleAv says:

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    It is because the Iranian and Turkish governments are anticipating such an Israeli attack, and because they also know that Zionists would work overtime to ensure that USA/UK/NATO also enter the war in support of Israel, that Iran and Turkey have been exploring building an alliance – long-anticipated – with Russia. It will not be far-fetched to also anticipate that China will eventually join such an alliance.
    I further commented that such governments and Armed Forces in the Muslim world have built their own ‘Berlin Walls’ to protect themselves from their own people. They have sponsored their own so-called experts to hoodwink and deceive the Muslim masses into embracing them as champions of Islam who, with help from Disneyland, will soon conquer India. And unless and until those neo-‘Berlin Walls’ protecting the Egyptian, Saudi and Pakistani governments and Armed Forces are demolished, the ropes around the necks of Muslims will continue to become tighter and yet tighter.

  4. Jeddy says:

    Homophobes imagine the rest of the world thinks exactly like them. Homosexuality is all pervasive and real, homophobes will kill homosexual at the first opportunity they get. They encourage laws which discriminate against homosexuals.
    Homosexuals know about such people which is why they keep pretending to be heterosexuals. There is no doubt entertainment industry is filled with undesirable people this does not mean the same kind of people do not exist in places and in other fields. The leaders of our country are absolutely corrupt. Instead of having sensible solutions for everyday problems end up making the worst ones. Because they are so lost in stealing and womanising. General Zia was however a homosexual but hid behind his Islamisation manifesto. The Islamisation programme helped in destroying the little bit of tolerance our society we had. An entire generation has turned into bigots and Islamic Fundamentalists. Tolerance has to restored. We have to cleanse our society from the evil intolerance, short sightedness and narrow mindedness. No person is better than another. Indoctrination will never improve society it will become worse. Madrassahs hastens the spread of absolute ignorance and helps a corrupt and stupid government to survive.

    • saleh says:

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  5. lorraine says:

    Wow…that was really heavy. It is extremely sad these celebrities have a world inside a bubble. I feel particularly sad for Michael Jackson. He was at such a young age when he was FORCED into the spotlight- unlike others. The entire family in each individual way is beyond talented- it is odd they live music. I read TV Guide is doing a special called Gone Too Soon. They examine not the sensationalized stories but touches in a tiny way, what his life was like. I do not think you could ever know unless you lived it. I read they interviewed the nanny, who was with the kids the day he passed. I heard he was really “handled” and who is going to say “no” to MJ? Sad. I think the show is June 25th – from a post I read it could be interesting.

  6. qazi zafar says:


  7. ABADDON says:

    There are many who are concerned about the “sickness” of society, and the lack of a moral compass to direct people, the main influence for society being the way it is, are those at the top end of that pyramid they call society. Just as children usually reflect their parents, and the younger generation are a reflection of the older generation, likewise society are a consequence of those who rule over them.
    For those who rule make the “rules” and set the example for their subjects. When you have a good captain on board, you are more likely to have a harmonious crew and an orderly ship. The old saying of “You reap what you sow” is infallible. The higher you go in society the more depraved and corrupt it becomes, it is there for everyone to see. People’s reaction to it is, if it is good enough for them it is good enough for me. When you look at the younger generation in particular they reflect their “idol” be it a film star, rock star, sports star, a celebrity of notoriety as their god. What you can guarantee is that that “idol” of theirs is immoral, a drug taker, dysfunctional, unstable, as one man said of those who look up to those kind of people, “It is a worship of the worthless.” How true. Yet, they are revered, highlighted, the source of news and tv programmes, on the cover of magazines world wide, held up as some paragon of virtue, to be idolised; and they are. Those that promote them feed the most base traits of the human psyche, and the public respond by buying their magazines or watching this baseness of that individual who has the morals of an alley cat. Society is now brainwashed with depravity, porn is king, infidelity is normal, anything goes. We are now governed by Sodomites, they have even legalised in many countries the most degrading sexual acts that have warranted the death penalty in virtually every society on the planet, and in some countries today they still execute those for such behaviour. In the celebrity society, perversions are pandemic, with aids , and many other sexually transmitted diseases which are a consequence of that, as is marital breakdown, orphanages, mental and nervous breakdowns, delinquency, crime, and a huge burden on the health and social services of every country. It is destroying family life, we are watching the breakdown not only of families, but communities, even nations as moral breakdown leads to crime, and social disorder, as people have no anchor to stabilise their life, the results are there for all to see.
    The power of the media has corrupted a world like no other time in history, it has spread this depravity to every section of society, creating “celebrities” to feed their “johns” sick desires, now they are reaping what they have sown, a world in decline, heading toward the rocks as they have no anchor for their soul.

  8. Ashraf says:

    Good compilation, thank you.

    Over Ninety percent of the Cinema industry and show business are not real art but something else. The entertainment is only the profiting side for self profiteering without needed to be subsided by the behind scene rulers. About fifty percent of music specifically song industry is same thing.

    About who is aware of the social engineering within the Cinema industry, for example, I tell you the first pointer is at the “screenplay and drama” writer and the director, of course the producer. The other cast stuff and crews, very few of them who are aware of what is really going on, mostly they are less educated than that. The majority should pay some price to get being celebrity like contract with the Devil and other sick things; yes it happens all time in many ways, but the cast and crews don’t understand what is happening inside the Drama and its social manipulation influence on the masses. To understand it, you should start dig into the literature of drama in a way they don’t teach even in any academic, you should dig in psychological sociology, and the Cinematic techniques, lights and shadows, accompanied music, Camera movement in the space of scene, etc. etc. then we begin to understand how they can kill entire people meanwhile they gain money and prizes and praises by the killed people themselves. Very sad to say; all this knowledge and power rarely been used for the benefit of mankind, only to enslave his mind down to every nerve fiber in his body.

    Ashraf Moussa

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