Video: Glenn Greenwald Destroys BBC Prestitute


Watch Glenn Greenwald Tear a BBC Pressitute to pieces

Video Glenn Greenwald Destroys BBC Prestitute


Pauline Neville Jones in debate with Glenn Greenwald


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  1. John Cook says:

    Comments disabled in you tube already!
    P.s. what a bitch that woman is…

  2. ravenmaven09 says:

    The only thing standing between tyranny and freedom is an unfettered press…and
    the US , the UK, and Israel are imprisoning or assassinating them.

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    “Would Be Terrorists” Who determines a would be “terrorist”?

    It is obvious where today’s terrorism originates.

    Listening to this woman is a form of terrorism.

    The elites support terrorism and statistically it has been proven that the Elite engage in and control the human trafficking on the planet.

    “The people want to know, They want to know I suppose”

    What? Do not ASSume what I want to know. You do not speak for “THE PEOPLE”.

    Why is Mr Greenwald’s picture above, taken from a screen shot as unflattering as possible. Who do you work for?

    Glen I would not trust that “Constitutional Guarantee”. Going to the UK/ Bad idea with their “gun control/gun ban” program you are 16 times more likely “per capita” to be harmed in a violent crime event.

    16 times more likely to be harmed than in the United States. How is that for the safety measures taken in the UK?

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