Video: Gold and Silver Prices Signal the Destruction of the Dollar



The Federal Reserve is Responsible for the last 2 Decades of Economic Turmoil

1. Beginning with the Savings & Loan crisis in 1990, each engineered crisis is growing in intensity and carnage. First, there was the Internet bubble crash then the Real Estate bubble meltdown and now we are at the footsteps of an unprecedented acceleration of price increases in food and energy.

In 2007, commodity prices soared when there was actually a slowdown in the global economy. There was no reason for commodity prices to go ballistic at that time, except for federal reserve intervention. The price of oil went from $78 to $147. High gas prices actually burdened the average US consumer with an additional “tax” of five hundred billion dollars.

That 500 billion dollar “hidden tax” was ONE of many reasons, we are IN the current Great (NON) Recession.

(The US Dollar Index is Worthless)
2. On CNBC they often point to the dollar index and state that a weaker dollar is good for the export economy. Currently US Dollar index looks bad – but it actually means nothing because it is being compared to other world wide fiat currencies undergoing massive debasement. Worldwide central banks, seem to be in a currency death dance, racing each other to the bottom in the name of international competitiveness.

Gold and Silver is the Only way to test the Strength of our Currency.

The dollar is weakening against other currencies but when compared against the price of precious metals and raw materials we can see THE THE TRUE VALUE OF A US FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE

3. The truth is Gold and Silver prices are just Getting Started. If you pay attention the public is selling not buying gold (cash4gold commercial)
What happened during the Internet bubble? The average Joe was piling into tech stocks and many individuals were giving up there jobs to day trade full time

And we all know what transpired during the last death throws of the Real estate bubble. People were buying at the peak 3, 4, 5, 10 home and flipping every WHICH way to make AS LITTLE AS 20,000

The common JOE, BUYS into manias…When all your neighbors are hoarding and trading gold, and telling you real estate is a waste of time and money, it may be the time to look at diversifying some your investments out of gold and silver.

10 years of Real Estate Stagnation & Depreciation &
10 years of Gold & Silver Appreciation

TO QUOTE Dr. Marc Faber: “COMPANIES would be out of THEIR minds, with health care reforms, government interventions and the uncertainty about future taxes in the US, to even consider expanding in the US.

Corporations are expanding in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Africa and Brazil. The business world is an international place today, and if you run a corporation, whether you employ 50 or 10,000 PEOPLE, you can choose where you invest your money in terms of capital spending.

Where do you want to expand factories? If I employed people in the US, I would rather think of reducing the 50 employees RATHER THEN HIRING MORE.

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  1. Corporations are expanding in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Africa and Brazil? Stop this repeating of hoax constructed by finance servant! Those whom could expand did that ages ago already and only the dump doesnt understand that these are the places the big show of consecuences will be battled. Look closer to those countries mentioned and than ask why those gangsters call them attractive NOW. Solid development is happening only in Chile, Peru and Colombia but again you are the mule and the carot is leading your path. Just give the alert readers the right info and analisis damn thing! CNN for example is full of Africa and Asia promotion and thats just not the place you should go or dont you understand anything but only when world got screwed again?

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