Video: I Believe ‘CIA Will Assassinate Obama’: Dr. James David Manning


Susan Duclos

Dr. James David Manning explains as Lincoln and JFK were assassinated, so too will Obama be, by the CIA and in the video below he explains why he believes this. Manning makes it clear it is his belief that this will happen because Obama’s “purpose was fraudulent from the beginning.”

Video I Believe ‘CIA Will Assassinate Obama’ Dr

Listen to the whole thing below.


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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    I enjoy Mr. Manning though this is playing with my fantasies.

  2. Obama eliminated No way manning is off course completely he is doing a stand up job for lucifer and is minions prophesy full steam a head

  3. Ascot says:

    Much as I like Doctor James David Manning, I doubt very much his “prophesy” regarding Obama being openly assassinated; gradual poisoning by the people who created him perhaps, the same fate as suffered by Napoleon whilst being held prisoner by the British on St, Helena.

    • Elaine says:

      I tend to agree with you.
      The man has more “food tasters” than any sitting president has EVER had.
      He fears for his life…as he should.
      LOL…he probably sleeps in the underground bunker under the WH…

      • Ascot says:

        Food tasters or not, in these days since the time of Napoleon there are much more sophisticated ways of bringing about a “natural death” than the gradual feeding of arsenic.
        Take Jack Ruby, the guy who shot Lee Harvey Oswald and all the others ‘involved with the cover up of Kennedy’s assassination as examples, how each and every one died a “natural death” shortly after the event, and that was fifty years ago.

        Since that time, as the old television commercials used to claim about their products ………. .they are now,…….. “new and improved”.

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