Video: Is This What The Whole America Is Going To Look Like After The Economy Collapses?


The American Dream

What in the world is happening to America?  The things that you are about to see in the videos posted in this article are so disturbing and so violent that it is hard to believe that it is actually Americans that are doing this to one another.  Once upon a time, Americans generally conducted themselves with humility, grace, civility, honor and with a tremendous amount of respect for others.  Sadly, those days are now long gone.  Now, large numbers of people in this country are just going wild.  Unfortunately, the videos you are about to watch are not isolated incidents.  Stuff like this is going on all over the country.  So what is going to happen when the economy collapses and shortages begin?  What kind of violence and rioting should we expect to see at that point?  Just recall what we witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Sadly, if the videos below are any indication, the thin facade of civilization that we all take for granted every day could completely disintegrate in the event of a major economic catastrophe.

Today, society actually teaches our young people to be disrespectful and rude.  Arrogance and violent behavior are glorified in our movies, on television and in our music.  Our culture is literally degenerating right in front of our eyes.  The whole country seems to become more selfish, more self-centered and more greedy every single day.  In such an environment, is it any wonder that our young people are exhibiting such extreme behaviors?

The violence that you are about to see is very disturbing because it is real.  If you spend most of your time isolated in your own little world, these scenes of brawling and violence will probably come as a great shock to you.  But this is what is really happening in the United States of America today.

The following are 4 restaurant brawl videos that are so wild that you won’t believe that they actually happened in America….

#1 IHOP Brawl


#2 McDonalds Brawl In San Francisco


#3 Wild Scene At Denny’s


#4 Huge Brawl In Front Of A Restaurant In New York City


*Bonus* Wild Brawl In The Parking Lot Of An Ocala, Florida Gas Station


If people are willing to go so wild while times are still relatively good, what in the world is going to happen if a major disaster strikes or the economy collapses and they have been without food for two or three days?

This is something that we all really need to consider.  In the United States today, there are millions of people with no jobs, no hope and no future.  The mainstream media keeps promising that an “economic recovery” is right around the corner and most Americans are desperately hoping that 2011 will be better, but you can almost feel the frustration of the American people rising.

We live in a country today that is very frustrated and very angry.  Some of that anger and frustration is rational, but a whole lot of it is irrational.  Most Americans have been brought up to believe that they are entitled to “a good life”, and when that doesn’t happen they start behaving like spoiled little brats.

If some major emergency comes along that pushes the U.S. economy over the edge, it could cause massive societal upheaval.  There wouldn’t be close to enough law enforcement personnel in the entire country to be able to handle the rioting and looting that we could potentially see.

Back during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the American people were able to pull through because our citizens still possessed a great deal of character.  But today many Americans are incredibly spoiled.  Many Americans believe that they are entitled to everything and that life is all about them.  They are in love with themselves, they are in love with money and wealth, they are arrogant and boastful, they don’t respect their parents, they are addicted to entertainment, they have very little self-control and they have very little love for others.

Fortunately, there are also many Americans that still have good hearts, that are willing to fight for the truth and that are willing to live for something greater than themselves.

This is one of the most extraordinary times in all of human history to be alive, and as I noted in a previous article, it is those that are willing to live life unselfishly that will be pleased with the legacy that they have left behind….

When I was young, someone told me the following: “Life is like a coin – you can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.” So how are you spending your life? Are you just “killing time” and watching world events go by or are you actively trying to make a difference? When your life is over, will you be proud of the legacy that you have left, or will you be ashamed of what you have done with the time that you were given? None of us can go back now and change what we have done in the past, but the future stands unwritten before us. The remaining chapters of your life can be a beautiful thing – but only if you are courageous enough to seize the day.

We are going to need leaders that are going to be able to keep it together when times get tough in the years ahead.  When most people realize that the “good times” are gone forever, they are absolutely going to lose it.  Many people are going to totally freak out.

But if you are willing to embrace the challenges ahead instead of letting them swamp you with anger and desperation, then the coming years could become a great time of victory and adventure for you.

So what do you think about the crazy videos that you just viewed above?  Do you think that Americans are emotionally prepared for an economic collapse?  Why do you think people are suddenly acting so crazy?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

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  1. Tilton says:

    The prophecy in the last book of the bible Revelation is now becoming a reality. It says that there will be a time of great struggle (economic collapse and depression). The world is coming to an end but it will be a while until then.

  2. Watcher465 says:

    Wonder which country the Wailing Wall st Jews will run to this time. You know when Americans find out what they really stand for and why the world is really in so much turmoil. Hopefully they’ll just leave the planet and suck another one dry.

  3. Blackdove says:

    I live in Australia-in a place called Geelong 80klms south of Melbourne in Victoria and the violence in this city is out of control.Gang bashings,knifings,the odd murder.It’s not safe to go out at night anymore.Drunken,drugged up youths have lost the plot.Society is to blame-The judical system is too leniant when handing out punishment to these cretons.

  4. The cosmic shift is occurring. Those who have embraced negative forces are going to suffer those consequences. Those who have accepted LOVE and positivity will experience something different.

    EMBRACE LOVE. Its your ONLY HOPE. And, when I say embrace love, I don’t mean as some sort of abstract concept. YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT, GIVE IT, AND BE IT.

  5. tim says:

    Hmm..I wonder if reducing floride in the water will have anything to do with peoples behavior

  6. Louisiana Saint says:

    This is just another example of people not being made to take responsibility for their own actions. No one teaches “because it is the right thing to do”. No one teaches responsibility. No one owes me anything, my husband was laid of in March of last year and he went from 75,000 to 20,000. Yes it is hard, but we work harder and made cuts and sacrifices. Above all God as blessed us. This is a lesson our government could lean

  7. mohsin zaidi says:

    it is due to Israeli Zionist lobby what they were doing to take over the control of entire world. FUCK ISRAEL.

    • PREDESTYNED says:


  8. I have some good news for you. This is just not only happening in the USA (which is not America but a 25% of it) and a sign of mad financial poison behaviour turned into industries, consumption and screwing each other (sorry, they do call this competition to make it more perfect) Screw this dump world and jump out of it, best advise I can give to you and than you might know for real how it once was “being a true american”. Bet you got paralized by your own BUTS and IFS

  9. During the last days of the conclusion of the system of things difficult times hard to deal with will be here. All societies are based on the family unit. Even the tribal societies. A strong family unit is the number one priority to get through this great depression. Than there will be a great tribulation that has not coccured since the founding of the world, nor will occur again, Messiah Jeshua. One elder or chieftan is appointed as head of household and all family member will contribute a certain percentage towards the survival of the family. Many families may have to have several family member living in one house hold. Hypothetical figure, if you have a family of 10, each member of the family must contribute 1/10 of his or her net income after taxes towards household expenses. If not monetarily, they must be doing some kind of work to contribute to the survival of the family. In the tribal system if one person was not contributing to the survival of the rest of the tribe, they were kicked out. They were given 1 or 2 days or even 3 days rations and turned loose to fend for themselves. When the financial base of the economic system collapses, which is defined as a monetary collapse, it goes back to subsistance farming, animal husbandry, hunters and gatherers and barter. United we stand divided we fall. A three fold cord is stronger than one. The economic conditions may cause many people to take a job for less money in order to survive. Remember, half a loaf of bread is better than no loaf at all.

  10. karen says:

    There was an experiment conducted where people where put in an enviroment where an authorative figure directed these people to do harmful things to their teammates, which they did, so you have the military that will do very harmful thigs too. I have asked that question to military members and they said they would if they where told to, as George Orowell misspelled his name, a boot to the head, go read his quotes, that is what most have become in this country, a very soul empty people, and when times get hard, people will get very deadly.

  11. Abaddon says:

    These videos and the subsequent behaviour of people for various reasons demonstrate how fragile society is. Those “shoppers” which we all are, are a gossamer thread from turning from the law abiding to the law of the jungle in a moment. This is indicative of how morally bankrupt human society has become. A system that promotes success at any cost, consumerism, competition, depravity, free love, abortion, homosexuality, drugs, prostitution, has created an amoral, immoral global monster that is there for everyone to see. The fruits of that global garden of humanity are rotten, from the polluted water and food and air, to the debased policies, propagated with lies and deceit by those in power, with the media filling and programming the mind of the masses with depraved movies and video games, and its highlighting “celebrities” who in the main have the morals of an alley cat, as one man said of those celebrities, “It is the worship of the worthless.” Then there is an outcry when people behave as they do? What do these “moralists” expect to happen?
    What IS coming will put what we have seen here into the category of trivia. These video’s are just appetizers for the main course which is about to be served upon us all. Then we will see how “moral” WE ALL ARE.

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