Video: Jesse Ventura and the Great Water Conspiracy


Acharya S

This show was very disturbing.  China is draining Lake Michigan to fill its aquifers? Of course, China has polluted much of its land and used much of its water making cheapo tchotchkes for American convenience, so who is to blame?

It is not the fault of the American or other populace for wanting to live comfortably, and many of us have been agitating for hemp for decades just so we could do that without destroying the planet. Unfortunately, our efforts have been repeatedly blocked by the world’s elitists. Therefore, the ball rest squarely in the court of the elite and their corporations, once again, who line their pockets at the expense of the common people.





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  1. aidders says:

    Water shortage my arse! – Thanks for putting all these films in one place. During my research writing a book called Trapped in a Masonic World, I cover the issues of our water problems, I knew something wasnt’ quite right, though I must admit I didn’t think they could literally stealing it from right under our noses which these Jesse Ventura films blatantly expose. Anyhow, this might be a bit long winded, but here’s my take on it. The privatisation our once publicly owned life source of water supply companies, have created the drastic situation we now face. The root cause, why river banks are bursting and flooding is occurring more often than need be, is basically due to the sell-off of this industry in the first place. It is impractical for a predominately profit making organisation to want to invest in a loss or break-even venture, so when the water companies were disbanded and sold off for a mere pittance, our greedy Masonic brothers who inherited this liquid gold, then set about destroying the industry from within, and who are behind the grander scheme [this is going on worldwide] to deny us the right to free drinking water, though more importantly to purposely cause or at the very least, encourage flooding to occur, thus here is how we can get manmade flooding to happen. In the UK, having so many different water companies in as many separate regions competing with each other, they began to look at the measures of what had to be done in order to keep their shareholders happy.

    Now if you’re a night club owner [Holiday destinations excluded], that can accommodate say 300 or so people, and your main trade is on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, then you’ll need to employ quite a few staff, bar staff, security guards, waiters, cleaners and management, which in addition, you’re need to be kept well stocked up, – which is expensive dead money, it’s after all just sitting there until it’s sold. Despite this you still have rent, rates, insurance’s, services and amenities to pay for, even on the remaining days you are closed, four out of the seven days in a week your business is closed, – yet it’s still profitable. However, if you thought there was enough trade to fill your club every night of the week, it would soon become apparent when the sales figures proved otherwise, your overheads would be far too expensive, and if you carried on much longer trading all nights in the week, you’d soon be running at a lost. Yet if you reverted back to just the main 3 nights trading, you would once again have a profitable business, this principle in one way or another applies to most businesses, you only have to look at any major blue-chip company take-over of a competitor, when it’s not before long they’re stripping it down to the raw bone, closing depots, shops, offices and staff are being laid-off etc.

    This is what the Freemasons have in mind of the water industry as a whole, nation-wide and globally, rivers, lakes and reservoirs have been sold-off, with no intention of them ever to be used again as a source of supply of water to the local areas for the consumption of drinking, these new breed of water companies in the guise of global warming, want to scare us into believing there’s not enough water or rain to satisfy our thirsts, yet of course there is, or should I say; was? It wasn’t until some of these now private water companies decided to cut off and disconnect the main arteries of our rivers and canals, that many canals are no longer there, they have simply been siphoned off and filled in with earth and other debris, and are now either paths, walkways or simply wasteland. Some of these filled in areas and to the untrained eye, are not even recognisable and you would never have guessed, what you now could walk on as a trek, was once a vibrant flowing canal, stream or river. Why do these Masonic run water companies want to deny us water? Well they don’t, quite in fact it’s the opposite, they want us to use as much water we are prepared to pay for, meters will be installed in all houses of the future, though the main supply of water will become undrinkable, and will be for domestic purposes only, all drinking water will have to be bought and purchased separately, bottled or cylinders will be your only way of getting fresh water to drink, there will always be the Evian’s, Perrier, Volvic’s and a like, and the rich will be able to have their own direct private supply of fresh drinking water piped to their homes, but those of the working classes and unemployed will have to opt for the regular mass consumed drinking water supplied by one of the regions

    Masonic run water companies, money is one of the long term motive as to why these so called people are running these companies, however, making biblical prophecies occur is what they loved to really do. I am calling on all those concerned, to help me expose what is really going on, we need to be taking nation-wide water level accounts, we need to monitor the true level of rain-fall in this country [as I don’t necessarily trust are own academics, and more so the present water companies own figures that are open to manipulation, and so they’re able to paint whatever picture they want to. Very much like our energy supply companies and all their bullshit about when they have to buy their gas at wholesale prices etc., despite them making billions of pounds in profits], as well as in other countries, we need to scour our countryside’s for evidence of rivers, canals and lakes that have been severed and completely cut-off, whereas it or they once adjoined a stream, river, reservoir or another manmade canal.

    We need to examine what precious waterways have since been bulldozed and filled in? Even the media seem to be convinced that it’s either drought is a problem, and seem to accept the quite often ludicrous explanations, that these water companies spokespersons seem to quite often come out with when trying to justify a water shortage, – if the Romans were still in occupation, there would be flowing fountains in every high street! I’ll rephrase that, as the Freemasons are closer to the Romans, than that of the indigenous population, – if we adopted Roman technology and knowhow, there’d be water gushing everywhere. And if it’s not a drought problem, i.e. flooding is occurring instead, then it’s because there’s far too much rainfall all in one go, as to why the floods and landslides are taking place, – when the truth of the matter is, that these sudden heavy rainfall’s, whether they be in the form of hurricanes, tornados or monsoons, – if the original streams, canals, rivers and reservoirs have been interfered with as I’ve already stated, then the water has no alternative but to find another way to disperse itself, thus creating flash flooding. – Just look at all the flooding that has been escalating more and more over recent years around the country, proof of heavy downfalls… [Okay, okay I’ll stop! If you want to know some more checkout – Cheers!]

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