Video: Journalists Harassed By Airport Officials For Passing Out TSA Body Scanner Opt Out Flyers

truther November 28, 2012 0

Independent journalists Jason Bermas and Ashley Jessica were exercising their Constitutional right to pass out anti TSA flyers at the Albany International Airport when they were confronted by Airport officials who, in an attempt to stifle free speech, did everything in their power to stop them.

When Bermas and Jessica first arrived they were passing out flyers to educate citizens on the dangers of body scanners as part of the national TSA opt out campaign.

An airport official then arrived and immediately told both of them to turn off their cameras and to come downstairs to “talk” about what they were doing.

As the airport official continued to demand the cameras be turned off and both Jason and Ashely continued to be adamant that they had the right to film, a nearby Sheriff intervened.

After the officer gathered the facts, he appeared to uphold the law at all costs, allowing Bermas and Jessica to continue despite the Airport Authorities ludicrous request for, among other things, a $1 million insurance policy.

At one point the Sheriff stated:

“Obviously this is your constitutional right… but as far as the Airport Authority, they have their own set of rules.

They are requesting a $1 million dollar insurance policy and are requesting an application.” 

The duo ignored the Airport Authority’s anti American request and at one point Bermas told the Airport Authority, “Obviously you are misinformed.” 

The Airport Authority further pushed for the the pair to fill out a form and show ID, a request they both continued to flatly deny. Thankfully, the Sheriff was on hand to literally tell the airport tyrant that they didn’t have to follow his requests.

This article first appeared at The Intel Hub.

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