Video: Martial Law Drill Takes Over Denver Mall With Mumbai Attack Scenario

Pakalert September 27, 2011 1

Aaron Dykes

A drill involving a SWAT team at a Denver area elementary school subjected children as young as first grade to a traumatic and frighteningly realistic school shooter scenario involving simulated gunshots, explosions and loud alarms. Part of the Homeland Security-led Operation Mountain Guardian, it was only one part of a drill that took place at more than 10 locations, including Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium, where local, state and federal agencies practiced relocating children and other potential victims, a contingency planned for real events, including terrorism or other emergencies.

While the SuperDome in New Orleans became a symbol of the nightmare of federal emergency control– blocking organic local relief efforts while ‘mismanaging’ its own actions– it is seen as a place of refuge for authorities in Denver under a scenario is planned with more than 100 agencies over more than 18 months. The plan to use sports stadiums is in keeping with H.R. 645, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act and other related martial law plans. reporters traveled there Friday to cover the drill.

Martial Law Drill Takes Over Denver Mall With Mumbai Scenario

A long list of agencies in the Denver area taking direction from Homeland Security conducted a terrorism drill known as Operation Mountain Guardian, envisioning among other scenarios, a “Mumbai Style” incident at an area shopping mall. Police, fire fighters, SWAT teams and many other response teams practiced their lock down at the scene, evacuating victims while sending in anti-bomb squads, positioning shooters at strategic high-rise positions and otherwise clamping down the area.

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  1. Tim September 27, 2011 at 9:09 pm - Reply

    More fear? and is it the new norm in America (USA)?

    Get ready and prepare. Trust God and trust but a select few people.

    You make choices now and take action in your life for your life and your loved ones.

    Things ARE going to get nasty everywhere in every way.

    Look around and research.

    Do you have “gut” instincts?

    If so, I hope and pray you take action.

    I pray also that no one gets hurt.

    Is that realistic?

    But again,

    Exactly what is the truth, and what can one do?

    God be with us all and protect us from . . .

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