Video: MSM Warns Obama’s Secret Government On ‘Face The Nation’


Reporter Bob Woodward of Watergate fame warns Americans that Barack Obama’s secret government needs to be reviewed. Americans across the country now can see this rapidly unfolding police state being built up around us by this ‘secret government’ Woodward warns us about here.

MSM Warns Obama’s Secret Government On ‘Face The Nation’


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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Secret governments are inherently criminal. The commit crimes and then they hide them. Hastings seems a good example.

    Recently National Security has been bandied about as an excuse for bullshit and genocide. Caused by Presidential authorized drone strikes killing thousands for Zionist Elite interests.Claiming “collateral damages” in an era of greater technology from a government that touted “surgical strikes” in Iraq which definitely did not find ANY WMD in the entire time we were attacking those people and searching their lands.

    America is slowly waking up.

  2. formerparatrooper says:

    These are exactly the people helping to cover up the secret world in the Government Rat’s nest, and this has been aided by the MS media all along.

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