Video: NASA Caught Faking Mars Photos


NASA Caught Faking Mars Photos

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  1. Finetta Mathews says:

    There are so many lies are going the different routes. I am quite sure there is life on Mars and maybe how some made it through the surface impossible incineration by going under ground. For sure we are not being told the truth.

  2. Bill Thomas. says:

    I see forests, lakes, cliffs and buildings. But not a word about that!!(Alleged 30 million humans on Mars. Earth-like, but not Earth humans, at least not recent arrivals!! Is nearly everyone blind? There is life on Mars. INTELLIGENT life!! But this is denied by authorities. Study Mars videos. You can see the humans clearly. And animals. Etc!!

    Is NASA slyly releasing the truth that Mars is similar to Earth in parts in many respects. Study the U-Tube videos re life on Mars!! Yes, have a good day folks!!


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