Video: NASA Whistleblower Says The US Closed Its Embassies Because Billions Are About To Die


Mort Amsel

Of course I dont believe this but if fire starts raining down on us from the sky because that Russian asteroid had friends behind him, then maybe this video was correct, maybe.

Video NASA Whistleblower Says The US Closed Its Embassies Because Billions Are About To Die


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  1. doesntmatter says:

    guess we shall see like we do with everything else -_-

  2. Satish Khanal says:

    All this is BS

  3. jpiar123 says:

    I’m not exactly sure why they closed all those u.s embassies and I don’t think it is because of an asteroid .. although I do find it interesting that the mainstream media didn’t give much attention to the asteroid that struck Russia… but none the less , I do think that the embassies closing had a lot to do with the drone bombardment of Yemen.. what a disgrace…

  4. Michael Cook says:

    This is just that old pattern of keeping the masses on their toes as they did during that phoney ‘COLD WAR’ period between Russia and the West. Viruses, Pandemics, Terrorism, are all tools of the establishment to manipulate the masses. What will happen, is that the day is coming, and that day is coming sooner rather than later, where all this is going to backfire on them.


  6. Leo says:

    For the moment I do not subscribe to this interpretation as to why such a large number of U.S. embassies closed . The Russians and Chinese would have the same type technology as the U.S. to foresee impending asteroid danger, that being said why did the Russians and Chinese not close their embassies as well . I do not subscribe to this particular insight of the embassy closings . The embassy closings were due in part to a possible False Flag being orchestrated by the U.S. Government against the American people or due to the ever growing tensions between the Russian and U.S. Government and the possibility of a thermonuclear exchange between the two countries .

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